Stapleton County V3 - The new era of Firestone

The State of Firestone, a very large and growing state of over 80K members, will be seeing several changes come the full release of Stapleton County V3. Firestone is a group designed to be big in size, while maintaining the quality of our practices. If FS keeps their process to the highest standards, such as training and education, then an increase of people shuffling to academies, permit classes, etc, can happen without losing quality. On top of that, V3 will introduce a new University to allow new people to understand the politics, and process of Firestone, while allowing our veteran citizens to teach and educate about the group and their passions. So come V3 here’s a few things that can be expected to change.

  • Everyone who has a current record or history in Version 1 or 2 of Stapleton County, will be cleared. Along with this, blacklists from all departments will also be wiped and clear besides some obvious exceptions such as prior rogue officers, etc. People can commit crime in V3 during the alpha and beta stages, this will only start effecting their job opportunities after V3 is FULL RELEASED and records start to save. For V3 I want everyone who has made some minor mistakes to had a second shot at having their “dream fun” within the state, and it’s completely fair to do so. This can be expected to happen approximately 1 month before the known full release of V3.

  • All current Firestone LEO will be REQUIRED a single POST class hosted by the Founder, or authorized POST staff to clarify proper process on things that have been taught wrong in the past, and to go over the new process and systems of V3, so FS LEO aren’t going into V3 blind trying to figure out how to do things. No LEO will be allowed to go on duty in V3 until the class is completed. This will go into effect most likely during the Beta stage of V3, when things should be mostly playable.

  • All Firestone departments will face a audit by the Founder before V3’s beta release. The audit will consist reviewing the policies, procedures, in-house academies, discipline, and divisions that might be within. During the audit all department applications and hiring will be closed, this should be expected to last around 1 month. Things discussed and changed will also need to be reviewed by current department employees for understanding of the policies and procedures. Things can be expected to change, and need to be followed by strictly. These audits will have all necessary HICOMM present to discuss the changes.

  • POST will be receiving a reform and temporary closure of classes. POST will have the most changes for V3 because of the new tech to be taught, the new processes, and to ensure all instructors are up to par with actually doing the teachings. POST will be getting a staff increase and a production increase because of the expected increase of interest with the academy and becoming an LEO within the State of Firestone.

  • Stapleton County V3 will allow for a few new departments and job opportunities to arise. The Firestone Park Service will be a department designed to protect, maintain, and enforce rules and policies in select park areas. FPS will be a Primary department to start out and depending on interest could potentially knock down to a Secondary department.

  • Firestone Postal Service will be a new job introduced to the county. This won’t be considered a State Department, but a private company. This will not be considered primary or secondary. The Postal Service will have responsibilities for delivering mail to housing and businesses around the County. If it’s real mail from actual players, maybe news from the Founders, we’ll see.

  • Firestone News Network will be receiving some love with some cameras that will change FOV for HD shots, and news vehicles to get around the map.

  • 3 Food truck businesses managed by FedoraMasterB98 will be introduced to allow for unique food events around the county.

  • Firestone Department of Transportation, Railroad Administration will also be new. Simply put, they will be driving trains around map. The train will be hopefully impossible to detrail, and push vehicles off the track, maybe even delete them if a train makes contact to prevent FRP and train interferance.

  • No vehicle flipping. With the new suspension being added into V3, if you flip you car, then you really had to try. It will be more difficult to flip and if you do flip, you need to call DOT. This applies across the board for all departments.

  • Ragdoll? If you get shot several times, your character will collapse on the ground as a ragdoll effect. You will not actually die and respawn like current V2. If you are contacted by anyone while in a ragdoll state, you will continue to lay there until you get medical attention. You can own a personal medkit to help fellow gang members, or wait for an ambulance to receive professional medical attention. EMS or a bystander that gives you medical treatment will be able to restore you so you can be taken out of the ragdoll state and you can continue playing. Regular civilian-grade medkits will only heal enough to allow you to stand up and walk. Things like running will be disabled with low health. EMS/DOH will need to do professional help to get you back to 100% health. If you are not contacted for 1m (time might change), you will then respawn. Officers can still place you in handcuffs while you’re ragdolled on the ground and still conduct the arrest after EMS does their work. This is to prevent resetting to avoid arrest. If you leave while ragdoll, you will rejoin the game as severely injured and unable to drive a car. This will apply somewhat across the board, we will give exception to SCFD, DOT, DOH, DPW. LEO’s will still be “godded” while doing separate roleplay scenarios, such as writing a ticket, or if an officer has suspects in cuffs, the suspects and the officer will be “godded” to ensure good rp. However if the officer take his gun out during the scenario to engage the shooter, the officer only becomes ungodded until he receives all his cuffs back and basically creates a new rp scenario. Officers can become ragdoll as well. Keep in mind, bullet proof vests, helmets, shields, will help the officer maintain health. Some lower quality options will be offered at Paths Guns as well, for civilians.

  • V3 will introduce a unique new aspect for housing. You will be allowed to own 1 home/condo/apartment, in the county, and that home will be yours, and only yours throughout all the servers. You would need to first, pay the price of the house initially, then maintain on home payments. As long as payments are maintained, you keep the house. If you miss a payment, your home will go right back on the market for someone else to own. If you no longer want the house, you can sell it for the price you bought it for, you can sell it for more and make money off of it, or you can trade it with a new trading system we plan to add. You will be able to whitelist other people to go into and use your home as well, and hey, if you don’t like paying for it all by yourself, have some of your friends pay you “rent” to live/use the house as well.

  • The Stapleton County Fire Department will remain a primary department, but if the interest remains low for the department then a new voluntary Fire dept will arise. The SCFD will have 1 HQ and 2 sub-stations around the county. They will have several new unique calls for service in an attempt to make SCFD more attractive to join and be part of.

  • Arrestees will be taken to a nearest LEO facility to be processed for an arrest. The exact process is still in the works, but know that if you’re detained, and you leave the game, you will face an automatic arrest charge served in DOC. Otherwise, you would be transported to either FSP/SCSO/DOC/DHS facilities (all depts will have access to each depts sally ports/holding cells only), and be placed into a cell while the arresting officer goes to a computer and inputs the charges from a dropdown, which will automatically calculate the time to serve. There will be an automatic max time to serve if charges continue to stack. Once charges are placed, the officer has discretion to call for DOC to transport to prison, or to automatically send to the prison. If a transport is available, DOC would arrive to the sally port, retrieve the inmate, and then do the transport. Transports will only be allowed if said person will be sitting longer than 10-12 mins. Shorter times will automatically send the arrestee to DOC.

  • DOC will no longer use keys to open/close doors in the facility. DOC will use radio on a private DOC channel to open/close doors. Say the correctional officer wants to get into Holding Cell 3, the officer would radio “H3” and the door would then slide open. The door will either automatically close, or be manually closed by the officer via a hotkey. There will be a master control room inside DOC as well which will allow for a DOC officer to view cameras and open/close gates ahead of time so DOC doesn’t need to do that when pulling up.

  • Department of Transportation is also expecting some really cool changes. Vehicles towed to the DOT impound yard will stay at the yard. Let me explain. If you park your car illegally, or ditch it somewhere, DOT will tow your vehicle and bring it to the yard. At the yard, DOT will drop the vehicle in a specific spot, where when dropped will pop up a GUI with options. The DOT will select the reason for the tow and the vehicle will despawn, and be put into the system. The vehicle will not be able to be respawned by the owner until they go retrieve it from DOT, which may or may not have a FS Cash charge with it. Vehicles in the system will sit in the yard for the public to see but wont be actually functional. It will be as a reminder to the owner saying their vehicle is sitting in the yard. If a person has over 2 cars impounded, it won’t show more than 2 in the yard. Once a vehicle is paid for to be given back to the owner, it will spawn immediately outside DOT. The public will know their vehicle is impounded by a notification on-screen when it happens, and a notification in place where they would normally go to spawn it. DOT will also have street cameras they can view to monitor traffic flow.

  • Department of Homeland Security will broken up a little with the moving of the Intelligence Office division to it’s own new group, the Firestone Bureau of Investigation. IO being an elite division within the DHS and a highly desired division to be part of has much more new potential for V3. Making the move allows for IO, now FBI, to branch out and do more things, digging deeper with investigations and figuring out the known law breakers, and who is doing the crime. Crimes will leave a small trace of the suspect, rarely no trace, making the FBI’s job more difficult and more of a puzzle piece investigation to get to the bottom of the actions. FBI will also be allowed to go to DOT to view street cameras for surveillance purposes to look over high-crime areas to help crack the cases.

  • Firestone Department of Justice and the Courts will have access to view all arrests/citations done during the day to review charges and background of those charges, and can proceed to organize court sessions. They will have special GUI’s which will allow them to push a notification or message to the person charged to proceed with the process.

  • FDHS will also over time receive a new division, TSA for the airport. The Airport will be a sub-game of V3 and isn’t expected for several months after the V3 full release, expect details when that time comes.

  • All LEO’s will receive new uniforms to fit the new R15 designs V3 will be using, along with the new physical belts/vests that will be on your character.

This was a lot of reading. This covers MOST of what you can expect for Stapleton County Version 3, but this still doesn’t cover all of it. As more comes to mind there will be more posts explaining all of it. Thank you all for your support and understanding. Firestone is going to do nothing but grow and expand from here forward, but for now I will leave you with this.

— Firestone Founder, FedoraMasterB98


You didn’t even read it.


The LEO stuff needs some work. It will literally ruin LEO departments. Removing all blacklists? That’s just going to end bad. Everything’s cool and all but you don’t know the current situation of departments and it’d a while to go through all policy and people in general.


This isn’t the United States nor Colorado.




I never said it was?


Agreed, I am happy that blacklists from departments clear!


Some exceptions and some will remain, but most will be cleared to allow second chances.


Clearly it said that you wanted 200 people which is not a lot for a place that is not big at all.


Any comments on this? Faramount Pictures in v3 Theaters?


Are you going to be getting assistance from Env and Path during your audits?


V3 will turn out as a successful game and I do endure it as it will attract many people into the game, keep up the great work. Cant wait to use the new FDOT feature!


They might be present in some, not likely though.


Yes, with population increase, call for service increase, more officers and services will be needed.


I’d say get Env involved with DHS. He has experience there and might be able to really help during that.


so all POST certified have to undergo one class of new material?


The audits will help me understand each department and set them up for better success.


looking forward to it, good post
hope to see you come to your senses and support aviation more, we’ve been very neglected ever since v1!

also would like to hear more about your plans on who will run the airport and ARFF


How long do you expect an entire audit of all departments to take? It’d take at least 6 months or longer going through all policies and people in general.


Times would probably just be shortened as LEO and Civilians will be able to do basic medical care as well.