Senator Cailin Vs. Lieutenant Mxtt_Bear | THE FACTS


I am an Off-Duty Lieutenant Mxtt_Bear with the Sheriff’s Office. I am writing up this document in order to make straight MY VIEWS and the FACTS of the situation which occurred on 1/24/18 at approximately 8:30 PM CDT along Redwood Blvd in the City of Redwood in the State of Firestone.

Prior to making assumptions or taking a side, I wish that you listen to my side and Cailin’s side.

On the Civilian Team, I was on my way on Redwood BLVD right at Bloxy Creme in my Pink Beetle. I had noticed that the road was pretty slick, so I began being cautious. After seeing it wasn’t TOO bad, I reached about 50 MPH on Redwood BLVD, when I came across a Beige Beetle. This Beetle had NO HEADLIGHTS on and was located, parked, in the far right lane right in front of the RW Gas exit/entrance. It had no hazards or any indication of being stopped. As I immediately saw the beetle, I had slammed on the brakes, and attempted to veer off to the left. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop. I had hit her car. I saw my bumper hanging off and hers indented in.

Considering I realized I was actually in an accident with another vehicle, I proceeded with asking the other vehicle to pull over so we could exchange insurance (as it would proceed in real life). I wanted to exchange insurance but also wanted to ensure she was okay. Upon me asking that, the subject said: “no go away”. Upset that she had voided the whole roleplay, I began following her. Considering she didn’t seem allowing me to continue the Roleplay, I never further followed up with “are you okay” or “is your car alright?”. She ran the red light at the Redwood Intersection and proceeded up the Redwood BLVD hill to FSP. I stopped there and began to call 911 that she had run a red light, I hit her, and she was evading the scene. She later came to a stop in a ditch right before the 401 NB exit.

I got out of my car and confronted her. I was quite upset that she had just sped off after I had crashed into her. Again, I didn’t proceed with asking if she was alright or if her car was due to the fact that she had completely disregarded any efforts I made to try to resolve the situation. She then told me “stop harassing me”. To be honest, I was raged in the fact that she wouldn’t even let me help resolve the situation, and she blamed me for “purposefully hitting cars”.

A Supervisor of FSP and a Trooper arrived on the scene, and I explained this exact story to them. The Supervisor left, and an SCSO Unmarked vehicle arrived on scene. He did not engage with me or the female at all during the scene but watched the scene for us. The trooper was arranging a tow when Senator Cailin’s buddy (Attorney, or other law advisor) showed up. He told me she was his client.

The male further told me that I had been making false offense claims and I had “assaulted her car”. On my behalf, I did say I hit her. I totally did. But I was trying to organize the technical things about that. Transfering insurance is one of those things. The women later brought up an event which happened prior to that.

Prior to this incident, an unmarked unit was backing up, laggy, and the CD/Bloxy Creme intersection on Redwood Blvd. I told the unit that he should pull off to the side and we can transfer insurance cards, etc. and he just said he was laggy, so I said “Fair enough…”. I went throughout the night, leading up to the incident I described just earlier in this document.

The women, Cailin, continually said: “YOU ARE PURPOSELY HITTING PEOPLE AND ASKING FOR THEIR INSURANCE”. This is totally false. With ANY MVA, you need to ensure you get pulled to the side of the road and exchange insurance and ensure everyone is alright.

To conclude, I feel that the Senator was handling the situation wrongly. In my defense, I was only trying to have a good RP scene. Again, I was an Off-Duty Lieutenant in this situation as a Civilian. She constantly shut down the idea of RPing this correctly, and denied any claims I made. I am honestly hoping that she is aware of this in MY STORY. I hope that Cailin, my employers, and any other individuals interested read this fully in order to be aware of my side.

As an SCSO Lieutenant, I reiterated the situation onto this with full truth and facts to the best of my ability.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. PLEASE feel free to DM me: Mxtt_Bear#1357.

Any proof you would like to obtain regarding the aftermath, may be directed to me. HOWEVER, I do not have any evidence of the actual crash, unfortunately, thus I hope you trust my words.

@CaiIin You and I both know what you and I did, no twisted story can change what you know deep in your mind. I hope you understand I mean’t no harm from this whole situation, but I truly just wanted a nice RP. Being a civlian is boring, and I hope you understand.
Thank you.

Thanks for reading,

  • Mxtt_Bear
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TL;DR please


I can’t it’s too much detail to do so.

she was mad u hit her car so she said go away

damn okay then also matt look at dms kthx

She was, and maybe it was on me to follow her, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to LEAVE and have her claim it is “Hit and run”. You know her.

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is hit and run an actual crime in firestone

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  1. Sorry I didn’t make it clear I was trying to help.
  2. Go AFK on the parking lot right next to where you were on the road…
  3. Okay.
  4. I never called it a Hit and run. Quote me.
  5. I get it, I was trying to get your attention and tried to help the situation. I didn’t realize you thought I was “trolling”.
  6. I actually didn’t, I was just saying you were a Senator and you should have known better.
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i know matt, he would not just hit cars just because. besides you hit a noob earlier you went in the other lane and hit him. everyone saw it

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Yes sir. As for the rest of the matter, how about some actual proof.

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okay yeah true nvm

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Never attack cailin


Cailin, I really want you to know that I was just trying to help. I REALLY don’t want a huge argument over this. I’m sorry. Since no one else is going to apologize for anything, I might as well. I hit you, I did. I tried to be civilized, and you didn’t want to be involved.

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And PLEASE GET your facts straight. I seriously didn’t intentionally hit @TecknoSquirrel either. In fact, he was lagging, and I didn’t even realize he was an undercover unit. I thought it was a civ car at first. Asked him to pull to the side so we could figure it out just as I did for you.

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#MeToo Women shall not be abused!

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Why only women? I know women who can knock grown men on their ass. Take that feminist bs out of here please sur

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Because we must use the #MeToo Memes in this sort of situation. As it will be considered sexual assault if you deny that fact. ACCORDING TO ALL SOCIAL JUSTICE WORKERS


Official statement on behalf of Senator Cailin:


Somebody close this document. This is pretty much starting a fight

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