Senator Cailin (and me) VS. Mxtt_Bear

Evening, Firestone.

Official statement regarding the incident between Senator Cailin and SCSO Lieutenant Mxtt_Bear

Senator Cailin’s side of the story:

  • She was driving when off-duty Lieutenant Mxtt_Bear hit into an unmarked SCSO Crown Victoria, with Undersheriff TechnoSquirrel occupying it. To be clear, the off-duty Lieutenant hit the Undersheriff, which was obviously witnessed by the Undersheriff.

  • Shortly after, he then hit Senator Cailin. He then yelled at her to stop the vehicle to exchange information, and as there were a lot of people ‘trolling’ per se at the county, she passed it off as a troll and drove about 10 studs up the road (not far at all). He then yelled at her that he needed to exchange information.

  • Senator Cailin stopped her vehicle to resolve the issue of him hitting her, to where he then called 911 stating he hit the Senator (accidentally admitting to a crime) and stated that she drove away from him. (Evidence:

This was not meant to be taken to court and charges were not meant to be followed, however, he kept bending his story and kept threatening her with court, and also an impeachment. If he had not escalated the situation like that - this would remain a civil matter, and charges would not be followed.

I did not witness this, however, I arrived on scene and witnessed him twisting up and bending his story to on duty officers. I also had witnessed him state his position in SCSO, I presume in an attempt to invoke bias within the Deputy in order to find him innocent.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Matt has been placed on administrative leave. Charges will be followed in court, and a case has already been submitted.

Senator Cailin’s Attorney

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