SCSO Supervisor Requests

I’m just going to get this straight, SCSO supervisor requests are ANNOYING. There is this big issue going around where people who are being arrested request a supervisor right when the Deputy clicks confirm on the LOVID report. Once we click this little “Confirm Button”, we can’t undo it, like it doesn’t say, are you sure you want to arrest this individual? This is a problem that I always get sometimes and it ends up in DPS reports, etc. I am pretty sure FSP Troopers have the ability to deny a supervisor request. I am hoping SCSO administration takes this topic into consideration as it always happens to Deputies and it is ANNOYING. Anyways that is my rant on SCSO supervisor request, SCSO administration if you see this, please read it and take it into consideraton!


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And no, I am not against the right of Civilians getting a supervisor. Deputies should have the ability to deny them if reasonable.


Agreed sir.

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Agreed, For example, Its to get out of being arrested after once has already been requested and came.

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Yes, and it slows down the process of them getting arrested! If you want to talk to a supervisor, you should have the ability to talk to one in jail or something, but other than that, it’s just butthurt kids that are getting arrested for crimes THEY committed, not us, not any other people, THEM.

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I am also not mentioning anyone in here, I am talking for everyone in general.

agreed, deputies should be able to filter out the supervisor requests that are clearly to waste time. If there’s a real issue the person can obviously take the LEO to court, or file a DPS/SCSO complaint.


could just talk to scso hicomm about this but ok


i tried talking to SCSO hicomm about this 2 weeks ago they denied my request.

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Yeah, but I’m bringing awareness to it, kind of like a petition, but not really. The more the Firestone community see’s this and approves it, the more awareness it gets, the more it can make a change.

well too bad either nobody cares or if anybody cares they will just use this to their advantage


That’s where the problem comes in, if they use it to their advantage, the civilian can record and sue them etc.

then you should’ve just talked to scso hicomm without this

Supervisor request’s are a privilege
not a right and people abuse them int he most stupid scenarios.


FSP Policy on Supervisors:

“Should a citizen or another Law Enforcement Officer request a supervisor, Troopers/Corporals are obligated to wait up to 10 minutes maximum after requesting one in game or through discord if none are online. It is recommended to provide a supervisor, however Troopers have the ability to deny supervisor requests under certain stimulations. Supervisors are completely exempt from the supervisor policy.”

We can deny them in most cases, as 90% of the time people are trying to troll/delay the arrest. Plus legally a supervisor cannot tell you to stop your arrest, he/she can only advise. So there isn’t much point in one unless you may have a doubt and believe you MIGHT be in the wrong on arrest and/or might face legal/moderation trouble.

I’ll say this loud and clear to citizens… YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO A SUPERVISOR. Only our name and badge. No lawsuit can come from a supervisor request. Only a department punishment.


I totally 100% agree with this policy and a reason why I like FSP. They should totally install a similar system into SCSO.

That is why troopers get away with a ton of crap, I am not here to argue, idc about this game anymore, But I had one trooper cuffrush me at a hostage situation, I told him it was FRP, he said ‘idc report me’ I asked for a supervisor, guess what, he said ‘no’.

Don’t give me the speech about cONtAct HicOMm or tAkKE iT to cOURT both have been done. Troopers assume it’s a waste of time and they DENY it. SCSO’s policy is good.

I’m willing to bit 10,000 fs cash this is B.S don’t even PLAYY that game lmao bruh if somebody went to dps with that crap the case would be achieved faster than crt shoots me unarmed like mate, that’s like someone asking for name and badge RIGHT before you send them to doc…DPS and the courts have common sense that’s kinda an insult to their intelligence but k

xd signed, an irrelevant citizen who got 10 hours in doc- ;p

what would a supervisor have done?
supervisors arent mods anyways


@Gamer_Kyle What… will the supervisor do though? “You cannot arrest him! Release him!” Wrong. That’s illegal. He can only advise an officer.

99% of the time a supervisor will believe the Trooper/Corporal. And if you recorded… you could’ve just went to DPS/Courts.

Also… EVEN IF THE ARREST, 100% ILLEGAL THE SUPERVISOR CANNOT STOP HIM. But after the arrest is done, yeah he can tell him off the team and have him punished.


Name and badge requests/ supervisor requests are abused all the time