Response to the SF poll

In relation to the recent poll conducted by the Acting Governor, I understand many people’s recent frustration with the Special Forces Battalion, and I hear you. I have read every comment on that poll, I am listening.
I am currently working with Ant on addressing these issues. And fixing them. I am not ignoring anyone when it comes to that. And simply denouncing the battalion or the department itself doesn’t help me with addressing the issue. Communication with myself of my staff is vital for our improvement.
Within the next few days/weeks I will be working with the public on improving these issues with the department. Please contact me over discord (discore information below) if you have any suggestions or issues that need to be addressed.

Thank you,
National Guard Major General

If you have witnessed a Guardsmen of any type failing to follow any regulation whether it be department policy or or general law, report directly to me. (Timshep07 #4281)

(Ignore any grammatical errors. Mobile typing)


You better be addressing them. Jk, :heart: (no homo)


no homo indeed :heart:


Let’s take a sec to recognize FNG is still one to most disciplined and mature departments in Firestone. Besides my feelings with certain individuals, all their operations are carried out professionally and with their task in mind. Once completed, they return to their base and resume normal operations.

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