Release Regarding Cybervict v The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

On the afternoon of April 17th, 2018 the Supreme Court of Firestone heard this case. The case regarded departments ability to use disciplinary action, specifically in regards of free speech. The petitioner gave the example of how he peacefully and respectfully argued against the nomination of Sheriff Straphos, and was blacklisted from the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office on grounds of disrespect. The court therefore decided 2-0-1 that all government departments and agencies within the State cannot take any form of disciplinary action against its members or others for exercising peaceful and respectful free speech (as from the eyes of a reasonable person). Should any person suffer this, it is recommend they file civil litigation for violating BOR.I.

FIoatmanjason, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

SharpEyeJay, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

DannyboyLaw, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court


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