Redwood Parking Lot Speed Limit


A topic has been brought up between the Stapleton County Council & the Redwood City Council. I’m going ahead and making a poll, as the Redwood City would like to keep transparency between the City & civilians. The Redwood parking lot(s) speed limit is currently 30 mph.

Question being today:

Should the Redwood Parking Lot Speed Limit be kept or removed?:

  • Keep
  • Remove

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law is vague and isn’t enforced


30 sps is too slow

i have confused real life with roblox i apologize


If you feel that way, I would rather the law be re-written then completely removed. I don’t want someone charging through parking lots at 70sps. Just doesn’t sound that a good idea. :man_shrugging:

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Also I am willing to re-write it with maybe 40sps and enforced by SCSO with better def if you want that instead like this or reply.


and isn’t really enforceable as nobody is gonna have a radar gun waiting at a parking lot to catch someone lol


you are wrong. meet me in server 1


If it get’s removed people could go as fast as they want. Therefore I am voting nay for this poll. However, I do believe it should be raised to 40 or 50 SPS.

oh no


Whoever has the patience to sit in a redwood parking lot and endure crown vics ramming them just so you can stop someone for speeding in a parking lot is just something from out of this world. I’ve been in SCSO over a year and seven months now and it’s honestly hard at some points to run radar in redwood without having to stop and deal with some VAer


charge them with the state crime of reckless driving if this happens.
theres 7 bajillion laws we can enforce for this if we choose to. (Reckless Driving, Careless driving, if im not mistaken theres a endangerment law, fucking attempted murder if theyre moving at like 100 sps towards a crowd)


We do have a set speed limit for areas that don’t have signs… plus what superman said.


It’s so useless…like it’s never enforced and overall is a pain in the ass…


useless, remove


As the original creator of this bill (Redwood copied Arborfield’s version), I think the opposition to parking lot speeds is quite ridiculous. Most people that oppose this only do it because they think it’s an inconvenience that they have to drive slower and it takes them a bit more time. How do I know this? It’s quite simple, nobody complained about the original bill I passed in Arborfield and that has been in place for months. People only started complaining once it came to Redwood and actually affected them. May I remind you that a big part of this group also believes municipalities are useless, which is quite hypocritical. When municipalities finally do something, you oppose it just because it’s a minor inconvenience to you.

The reason why the limit is set at 30 is quite simple. I used the slowest roads within the State (and Arborfield) as a starting point. These roads are in Arborfield’s trailer park area and are set at 30 SPS. I originally made the bill with a limit of 20, as I wanted it to be lower than any normal roadways. I ultimately decided this would be too slow so I changed it up. So then why 30 SPS? Well, there are multiple reasons. First of all, it will demotivate people from using parking lots to cut through an intersection or to use them instead of the road. Let’s use the parking lot from RW Gas to Bloxy Kreme along RW Blvd as an example. People will be far less likely to drive along that parking lot instead of RW Blvd (with a limit of 50), if they have to drive slower through the parking lot. You want to keep as many cars as you can out of parking lots, because parking lots occasionally have pedestrian traffic and slower moving vehicles that are pulling out of or into a parking spot. If you make the limit in a parking lot 40 or 50, people will be able to drive just as fast or even faster in cases where the roadway has a limit of 40 and you lose this effect and sometimes even encourage people to drive through parking lots instead. Second of all, it increases safety in the parking lots, as pointed out there will be people in parking lots and slow moving vehicles. Driving slower allows for more reaction time on both sides and means any collisions will be at slow speed and cause less damage. Third of all, it’s more realistic. Most countries require you to drive slower through parking lots (also due to the previously mentioned reasons).
Basically, I felt that 30 was a good balance between going too slow and creating safety.


tmw 30 SPS = 18.79 MPH

also 110 SPS is only 68.91 MPH :pensive:

Conclusion: get rid of all speed limits


I don’t think this is even enforced

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Two options here, cant decide which is better so ill just drop them both and let you decide

  1. Keep it but up it to 50, 30 is just way too slow. Or atleast make it the same speed as the road its attached to (i.e the rogreens complex would be 50 because its attached to rw blvd, which is 50.)
  2. Ditch it as I dont think anyone even enforces it.
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Let us all go 100 mph. :slightly_smiling_face: