Rbmx123 for Senate!

Hello my friends, I am running for my first term in the Senate.

I have no experience. I will not lie to you but I can guarantee that I will pull through and pass bills that help the people, not hinder them. Though I am only one man, you the people are the ones to decide. You decide who leads and passes laws you advocate for.

Who I am: I am a citizen like you, like your friends. I am your friend and I don’t want to be seen as your enemy. I have never held an office before and I know I’m not ideal for you but, I will promise you that I will be more active then them all and make more bills in my first month than most make within their whole term.

My plans: (More on these in the actual bills)

Increase security where it is harder to purchase a gun legally and illegally, making it where LEO’s are to crack down harder on illegal purchases and making it harder to obtain your gun license

I will create a bill that your trial must be completed within 2 months of acceptance, with exceptions of someone having too much on their plate to deal with.

I will create a bill that will make it so traffic laws are more strict, increasing the penalty for reckless driving and vehicular assault.

In conclusion, vote me and I will show you that I can be your senator for more than one term.

Your Friend,


I’m gonna be honest, if you’ve never had office, I don’t think you should run for senate.

You can’t make it harder to purchase a gun, especially illegal weapons.

You obviously don’t know how courts work.

How? They’re already enforced by LEOs and Courts



You can look again, I’m sorry I posted the wrong speech, the other with the taco Tuesday was a joke.


It’s already hard enough, with them being hosted once a month.

Still doesn’t make sense.

Why? The charges are already long enough. You can go to jail for VA for 10 minutes.




Well, there are many shootings and it irks me to see so many killed while the LEO’s stand by and leave it be. With the courts, I saw how some took over 4 months to be completed and the Judge who was meant to do the case, said he would with nothing to do and then another judge had to take over because that judge did not want to do his job. I see so much of it if someone can’t get it through their head that vehicular assault is bad then it needs to be increased until they get it.


Welcome to Stapleton County

They don’t leave it be, you must not be paying attention.

That’s understandable.

Oh they know it’s bad its just an easy way to troll in Stapleton County. However, it would be cruel to make Vehicular Assault any longer than it currently is.


I’m on often enough though I see your stand point on it. If I do, win this spot I wont forget what you’ve said about the charges. Though I have my opinion and you have yours I won’t say you’re wrong.


I ike your ambitions. Support.


Whats the point to make it harder to purchase a gun illegally? also the bill that will make traffic laws are more strict is useless because for reckless if you got 3+ of reckless driving citations you automatically go to jail. also for VA its automatic jail.


they don’t leave it be? what the hell


Also for reckless driving you get a heavy citation


you don’t even have experience not saying its a bad thing but still

bruh what how is that going to work they’re fine as they are


it’s not like congress can made it harder to purchase guns, the founder’s didn’t raise the $/2mins when the bill passed, what makes him think that making a bill to “make it harder to purchase a firearm illegally” is going to work


Purchasing a firearm if you already have a license is a matter of 2 clicks, and a development issue no less.

What if other delays exist that are not on the part of the judge? What if someone goes on LOA? What if there’s not enough time for the process to simply play out? Who gets punished? Who is liable?

The people who recklessly drive are players just like you - new, inexperienced, and have no idea what to do.

While I’m all for people gaining experiences, fucking around in the senate simply isn’t the way. It’s a no from me.


No support whatsoever, your plans are completely ridiculous (in my opinion). If you want a political position, I strong advise you to run for County County and gain some experience before running for State Congress.


That I have not seen, I am not staying all LEO’s are like this but in my opinion there are too many lazy LEOs.


I’d like more detail into your plans if possible?


I later stated that it would be harder to obtain the license. Along with saying that if there is no reason for the trial to take so long then the person who holds up the trial should be at fault. I am not new to the game but am new to politics, though look at Donald Trump, he hasn’t held a single office and yet still became the 45th President of The United States. I agree that I am inexperienced but I am surrounded by great Senators and Representatives. CoolPilotCaio1 is one of my greatest inspirations and motivations. He is one of the best Senators along with GeneralCount and AlexTheAviatorRBLX from the Representative side. They are vital to my success as an politician and Friend to the people, I am not begging for your support but I wouldn’t “fuck” with the Senate if I didn’t have the confidence I could hold my own against some of the best.


Of course! If you read through my conversation with Gamer_Optic it is explained much better.