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Dear Stapleton Countians,

As we have learned in the past few hours, County Executive Joshernaut will be resigning from his duly elected position as the County Executive. Due to the close proximity of his resignation to the results of the House of Representatives Elections, I feel as though it’s necessary to make this statement regarding potential candidates to be the next County Executive, some of which are sure to be candidates from failed House Campaigns.

Stapleton County is in a dire state of need, now is not the time to bring in someone without experience into the role of County Executive. The County itself, and municipalities within, need someone who can confidently lead them in the right direction. This is why I am stressing the importance of qualifications in this upcoming election. In recent days, we have seen several inexperienced candidates run for high office positions in Government, some getting close to being elected. If this were to happen on a County level, we would be stepping on the County right as it’s at its knees. Please, please, please, find qualified candidates to vote for. As electorates, it is up to you to decide the direction of Government. We cannot allow this election to be a popularity contest, we need the competence to steer the County forward, not destroy it. The County Council is depending on your vote in the upcoming election. Please read some of the recommended qualifications for County Executive that I have attached below.



  • Former County Executives
  • Former & Current County Cabinet Members
  • Former & Current Chairpersons of the County Council
  • Anyone who has significantly contributed to Stapleton County
  • Former & Current Members of the County Council
  • Former & Current Mayors of Municipalities
  • Bar Certified Individuals

RED FLAGS :triangular_flag_on_post:

  • Popular Firestone Community Members
  • Law Enforcement Experience Only
  • Automationeer (Community Banned Individuals)
  • State Legislature Experience (but barely understands the functions of their job)
  • Anyone claiming to be a “Fresh Face” to County Leadership

Vote statexes

  • I have tons of Leo experience

  • I’m new to the state and want experience

  • have state legislator experience but I don’t haven’t reached the amount of knowledge I need with that job

  • I never affiliated with automationeer or voted for her or spoke kindly to her


Sound’s like a solid campaign!

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How is auto a red flag, she meets about half of the good qualities and none of the red flags. Also we all know as a fact she would be one of the best CEs if elected.

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It was more of a joke red flag, lol.

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didn’t know community banned people could run

i disagree, the state legislature plays a major role in the county and provides quality experience to those who enter those offices

how do you expect things to change for the better?


Hi! Thanks for your reply.

They can’t! You shouldn’t vote for anyone that can’t. That’s why it’s a major red flag!

I agree! But that’s not what I said, I referenced people that don’t understand the functions of their job. (which have been elected to congress in the past)

Things should change for the better, but that needs to be done with people that actually qualify to make those changes happen. (Or rather have to some extent experience in Firestone Government)

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Well, I think the County Council Chairman should run!!


im running


I do appreciate the support. I do intend on running in the upcoming Special Election.


y’all should ask @Joshlocke to run.

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With county executive, you have to be able and willing to put up with every single person blaming the county problems on you. With that also, you’re going to have to be ready because the state government always tries to take away the county’s responsibility in some form or fashion….then say “iTs bECaUsE wE aRe BeTtEr.” There were many a time I had to lobby congress, which I purposely became senate clerk so I would know the bills coming in and out, simply because individuals get bored and the county is the easiest thing for them to pick at. Similar to the idea that greendale and hillview need municipal oversight, it’s bullshit.

All in all, be nice to everyone and really try to make sure that individuals are having fun in their departments. When I was CE, there was huge department beef —so I started hosting mass shift or event scenarios that involved FNG, SCSO, SCFD, FSP, etc. The county was at peace after that. I also tried to get the municipals together, worked well, just a lot of work.

Just think outside the box and don’t be useless to the county.


Absolutely, the County Executive is such an important role to the functioning of the County, which is why I can’t stress enough the importance of voting for someone qualified.


support, good luck!

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Daunt’s reply makes quite a few good points but besides that, I believe the next executive should actually put the time to listen and address any issues in both the Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Department.

I put in my vote for Josh, while he did somewhat listen to our concerns about SCFD no real change happened (I mean I can’t blame him because the fire chief makes the ultimate decisions but then again the department is still poorly run and I’m not afraid to say that lol). I could rant all day about how poorly that department is run and quite literally I believe there needs to be a leadership change. But that’s not what this forum post is about so I’ll quit ranting.


Could you explain a little bit why SCFD is poorly run? Just asking out out of curiosity.

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LOL auto


If the state wants to take away county powers and responsibilities, they should at least be going to the municipalities where it makes sense. Or y’know they can just hop on over and send the powers their way.

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