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Firestone Deployed Forces Employment Rights Act

As a Candidate for the House of Representatives, it is part of my responsibility while campaigning to share ideas with you all and get feedback. This will give you all an idea of what you can expect of me in office.

Recently, Firestone has undergone an extreme amount of violence and crime. With this crime, the National Guard and various tactical units have been deployed to help suppress the violence, however this comes with a cost. Members of the National Guard and other tactical units are faced with a difficult challenge. Whilst in their very few hours of time playing v2 a week, they are expected to complete activity expectations in departments and businesses, all while being expected to combat extreme violence and crime going on at the same time.

Therefore, I’ve come up with the idea of the Firestone Deployed Forces Employment Rights Act. If written and proposed, this bill would protect members of any Law Enforcement or Military entity from being expected to complete and adhere to the activity quotas of any businesses and departments which they may be employed in during a deployment, foreign or domestic.

This act is extremely similar to the USERRA. It is a federal law that provides employment protection and rights for individuals who serve in the uniformed services, including the National Guard, Reserves, and the Armed Forces.

Please leave any suggestions, comments, or concerns. If you’re interested in supporting my campaign for House and making this happen, please go here: JayhawkBosun for House of Representatives

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i ain’t reading allat :rofl::man_facepalming:

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or just undeploy fng and have swat do their job

fng shouldn’t have to do swat’s job

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yeah but they have to because they are incapable of handling this currently on their own

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