Personal Opinions on Flashenal's Ban (Re-posting because first one was closed, please be respectful this time.)

Let it be known that:
No where do I imply or approve of Failed Roleplay
No where do I ask to appeal his ban
No where do I oppose the Founders, Developers, and or Moderators.
I simply practice my rights of Freedom of Speech, in which I can give my opinion.

Now that has been said, let us start.


Flashenal, a respected member of this community since it’s beginning. From what I’ve seen he was a dedicated Public Safety enthusiast that assisted, helped, and developed Firestone’s Public Safety in general as both; Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Public Safety.
I admittedly served under him, mainly as a DPS Investigator, and he was strict, and direct to the point. Even at times, I’d hoped he was the Secretary as Tommy would have been offline, inactive, or unresponsive.

Moving on…

I’m not quite sure what happened as of the ban, but I am aware of this one screenshot:

Let’s break it down.
We see a Green Charger, assumingly owned by Flashenal.
We see Flashenal wearing his regular dress; the cap with a black shirt and khakis.
We see a cone at the back of the Green Vehicle, owned by Flashenal, to stop it from moving backwards (FRP).
We see road spikes, that are only given to FSP, and we see Fed on duty as FSP.
Now it’s safe to assume he was the one that placed the spikes, as he is the only FSP trooper in the screenshot.

However he was apparently banned for “speaking against Fed.”
Thought we had freedom of speech? Guess not.

Whatever happened between them in DMs or any other type of communications, I do not know.
All I received was that screenshot and this document:

Which doesn’t really explain much, they only state comments of both sides.

:clap: Thanks Mr. Obvious, Community Relations.

Please be respectful in the comments, and inform us if there is any other type of proof/evidence that goes with this. Thank you.
This is a discussion form, keep it appropriate and respectful, please.

State of Firestone,

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we don’t care about your “freedom of speech” if you’re being disrespectful and harassing the founder. this isn’t the government, this is the development team.

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And that’s how the development team gets such a shitty image on themselves for banning someone for just talking about someone else. People do it all the time to other people yet I don’t see the bans.


Lemme put my 2 cents on this matter. Personally straphos does have a good point, freedom of speech does exist but there is a limit which people tend to exceed which starts to become pure harrasment.

Now personally the ban is unjustified, Well yes fedora owns the group and the game, I would understand if he only Discord ban him which wouldn’t be a big deal. But that trello ban was just overkill. Not does it just show tyranny but also anger in fedoras half.

Yes he owns the group and all but he shouldn’t be surprised about things like these.

ok so, btw the first post was closed because of the comments, not because of the post itself, written by me. enveloped was understanding of this and let me repost it.