Part Time Jobs / Reduced Activity Requirements


Hello everyone,

I belong to the older generation that plays Firestone. With age comes more responsibility and less free time. I’m curious to know how other users are managing to adhere to the activity rules. I am not familiar with the current regulations of all departments, but I think it would be a cool idea to offer so-called part-time jobs. Just like in real life, there are workers who don’t work 100%, but rather with a reduced workload. Are there any possibilities or even existing solutions for this?

I would be very interested in working as a police officer again with reduced activity.


Many departments have their quota at 30 or 45 minutes now, thats too short to consider giving people a reduced quota.

Departments used to issue a reduced quota when they were an hour, but it doesnt make sense now to have someone log onto v2 for 10 minutes just to leave again.


Hm. I have to be honest with you 30‘ to 45‘ per Week is still to much for me. In the little time I have per week I would commit to patrol with no place for enjoying other games or collabing with friends.

Of course I agree with you when it comes to 10‘ that would make no sense.

Im rather going towards regulations which are bi-weekly. It would be a good benefit for people like me who only have 2 nights of free time. For example being able to patrol 20‘ in one week and in the next I can do 40‘ would be a huge benefit.

And for the departments have more motivated and active employees.

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To be honest with me being in Mutiple businesses as well as two departments it can be difficult to find time 90% im doing my logs on Saturday night or Sunday morning right before or after work. Most of the businesses I’m in I have a agreement with the owner about being a reserve employee meaning I stay in the business but I roleplay the business when i can / want too


As bla stated, quotas are between 30-45 mins by the end of the week depending on the department you’re in. It’s as low as it gets with timing wise because some factors such as dps requirements are also considered.

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I agree with you, but also, those people cannot be mad about being rank locked. When I was Governor, my biggest problem was people taking HIGH RANK positions and being inactive. But if departments were to establish auxiliary units (Ex. FSP Auxillary Unit) that was more laid back, maybe 30 minutes every 2 weeks, it would be good.


Yes. I totally agree with you.

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as much as i’d like to see something like this, particularly for scfd (i would love to get on every now and then just when i have time) i think you just gotta bite the bullet tbh and accept you don’t have time for this game cause biweekly quotas of like 30-40 mins is just a bit low really


once every 6 months i have the urge to play roblox for 30 minutes and tow cars
how do I sign up to be a seasonal employee?


Then everyone would do that. What would be the benefit of being a full time employee?

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they’d be stuck at trooper permanently lol, maybe occasionally one person gets promoted to sgt of the unit


RPD works with those who want reduced activity!

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So does FSP!


“Rank locked”

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Hey Luf19, its been a long time since we talked. Glad to hear from you.

I left Firestone last year posting Goodbye/Fairwell - Philip_Forth I thought Firestone was over for me because I felt old and didn’t want to hold positions that newer Firestone people should fill. I made a return early June because I felt bored and wanted to relive some old v2 memory.

The game really changed in a lot of ways. Remember around 2018 we used to say Firestone was a "cops and robber game:?

Well, today Firestone is the actual definition of cops and robbers. It’s just shootings, robberies, and non-stop pursuits. No one really has the time to set up HRS positions or a proper traffic stop. If a pursuit ends then everyone a) gets out and its a shootout b) LEOs run with batons out

No more of that HRS position and “DRIVER TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE AND THROW YOUR KEYS OUT THE DOOR” type stuff.

I’m not complaining, it’s just how time has changed the game. Older players may have a hard time fitting into the game because RP left the game (imo) (I myself don’t see a point in RPs but will play along if given the opportunity) but it’s doable without RP

What I recommand

I suggest you join RPD first because RPD is hiring 24/7 and their academy seems to be really simple for an old player like you. RPD does have smaller juri so you won’t be patrolling around the map like SCSO and FSP. RPD has the biggest best juri out of all the city PDs tho.

but what’s the point of completing long SCSO and FSP app and training (which may take up to a month or two) just for you to realize that you don’t have the time to do a log lol… (No hate to SCSO or FSP)

Give RPD a try and if you feel like you can do more then join FSP or SCSO.


Hey man! It really has been ages.

Hope your doing good <3

Yea I‘ve been made aware of the current Situation within FS. I will give my best to start cool roleplay scenarios. Maybe I will be doing an HRS on you someday… What would I do to get back to the good old days…

Thanks for your tips, appreciate it!

Was lovely to hear from you again.


He does not!!

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aint that apd

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Meh there’s no need to implement “part time jobs” in firestone. If I only want to be on 1 day out of the week then I can do that and enjoy my personal life. All u gotta do is the quota and you’re set for the week to do whatever u want

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