Our safety rating is at an all time low

Good Morning Firestone,

I’m writing to you all in regards to my recent poll I conducted within the community. For those of you who don’t know, I released this poll on Thursday, May 30th at 9:45 PM Central Standard Time. I set it for a 24-hour duration, during which I received 95 people who participated in the poll and a little over 100 comments. Most of the comments were very constructive and helpful in assisting me to begin to derive a plan of attack on how to combat the extremely toxic criminal activity. Now, I’m not saying that criminal activity is a bad thing however we need it to a controllable, and roleplaying level. We don’t want it to the point where you die every 5 minutes, but we also don’t want it so that everyone is so perfect that LEOs are jumping out of their cars guns out for a simple red light violation.

Now, on to my response to the poll. I feel that the rating that the people declared of 4.39/10 (Keep in mind this number was polluted by a few morons who were trolling my thread, therefore it would probably be lower) is absolutely absurd and ridiculous. I want to, again work with each and every one of you that feel you have something you could bring to the table to help combat this issue.

Update on my term so far:

Currently, I have my private office being built which will consist of a small office space- perfect for a small one on one meeting, in addition to a large conference room, capable of seating roughly 20. I hope to see it done by Friday of next week but guaranteed no later than the middle of June which will make meetings much more formal as opposed to over discord.
(Credit to @Butsworth or that one)

I have forwarded letters to all of the department heads requesting a sit down at my office to speak with them and a number of employees in regards to recent events, what they and other employees of that department would like changed, and things they see that need to be looked into in general.

Third, I am currently going through and drafting different pieces of legislation as I see a need for them and I would love to hear any ideas you have (forward them to my email below please!)

Fourth, I am currently in the process of setting up my discord for the sole purpose of allowing people to get in touch with me easier, rather than by email.

Fith and final item, I am contemplating a weekly or bi-weekly bulletin of what I have done since the previous bulletin in Congress. I would like your input and would like to note that there may be a position that will open up when I figure out exactly what I would like to do. Let me know down below if this is an idea you like and if you would read these bulletins.

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Take it easy Firestone.


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he made a poll where lots of people said they felt unsafe in v2
he’s making a cringy office game
hes making new laws
hes gonna do a weekly or biweekly bulletin of what he did


ok gl

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You can respawn after being killed lol


the lack of safety is what makes fs fun


thats good

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My two cents:

You cannot logically describe something as being ‘at an all time low’ when there aren’t many definite precedents, especially given that there is no precedent here. Point me in the direction of safety rating polls from the past – preferably, one poll for each month since firestone started. I’m sure you’ll find that no such thing exists, and as such you cannot claim that safety is at an all time low. It’s an equivocation.

On that note, I must commend you for your transparent attempt at garnering political approval and lackluster attempt at political manipulation. You don’t need a poll to determine that SCv2’s a warzone – you can come to that conclusion by spending an hour in Redwood. Instead, you make a poll, knowing full well that people will call it unsafe – and going as far as to claim that your results were “polluted by a few morons” when you find that the rating was still too high – in order to draw attention to your political platform and claim that you are all for hearing the people and writing laws in accordance to their will. In reality, you would have tried to make a law to improve safety regardless; all that that poll and this subsequent post does is make it seem like you truly care. You predicted the public’s response to your poll and decided that it would only serve to make you look better in the long run, despite already knowing the outcome of the poll and having a plan. It’s an unsuccessful attempt at manipulation.

While I don’t think you’ve got any sour intentions, I do have to say that none of this is necessary. If you want to reach out to the people, you don’t have to write an essay, nor do you have to make some cringeworthy office game – especially given that recording the latter is difficult, and so any promises made in that game may not be easy to hold you accountable for. Also, please – who the hell wants to talk on e-mail to some person they literally don’t know in real life? You’ve got Discord. E-mail is unnecessary. So is the website.

This was blatant reputation-building and appealing to the masses by trying to show that you’d go the extra mile, even though literally nobody will applaud you for it. I’m willing to bet you’re in politics for the long run, and you’re probably going to run for governor in a term or two. You’ve got the long game planned, and you’re starting early by trying to manipulate your reputation.

It’s a no for me – though, again, these are just my two cents on this nonsense.

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This was more of a $200 rather than 2¢


Not sure why y’all are basically telling me to go fuck myself and stop trying when I’m trying to help you but okay. Hate all you want, I just will ignore your forum posts. You want me to make legislation for you or change it? Sure thing, but other than that you can go figure it out yourself. Kthx.

@Atlyarch @spookdan this goes for both of you btw

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Nobody’s told you to go fuck yourself. I pointed out a few things which I found rather worth pointing out. If that’s all it took to rattle you, I don’t think politics is a very good fit for you. It only gets more toxic from here. Quote, “Entering politics is a fate worse than death” – Miriam Defensor-Santiago



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a curse.


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