Oil Rigs, Working and Democracy

You ever thought, where does Firestone get its money from? Where do citizens work? We do not have any office buildings, we do not have any production?

Since we are getting an oil rig and V3 is supposed to have more stuff for citizens to do, then why not make it so people can work at the oil rig? Might as well add an oil refinery for the same purposes and there we go, Firestone has its own production of democracy oil and working places for citizens to work at.

However, important thing, for obvious reasons workplaces shouldn’t accept criminals to make it fair and to give people reasons to not become criminals. Criminals picked their way and have their own way to earn money for their stuff. Another thing that has to be removed - passive money earning that we have right now, where every person on citizen team earns money regardless if they are working or just walking around asking how be cop.

If you don’t like the idea of oil production, add anything else like production buildings or at least offices, because why not add more such jobs where people, not criminals, can work to earn money?

“But what are people going to do with these money?” you might say. Well, that’s another thing, there are should be activities for people to buy things for, maybe for them to start businesses (cough cough DoC), other stuff that can benefit them or “make them look rich”.

This might remind you GTA 5 RP or SAMP servers, where people have to earn money to work, to get stuff and etc, well yes, that is inspired, since this is the right way to get people do something else apart from baiting cops into chasing them or RIOTING AGAINST SOMETHING I DONT KNOW ABOUT or just sitting at spawn on their car watching the county descend into chaos.

Regarding being annexed by USA due to us having an Oil Rig, dont worry, FNG is always ready to fight, especially with the new base in V3 so we will be fine. (I think)

ok that was longer than I thought it would be


The US is going to invade us to get that oil


sure, let’s just build a wall around so we don’t get invaded


problem solved
Anyways, heavy support for this idea


I think civilian jobs would be great (probably lower crime too). Plus liquid freedom.


Support, citizens need something to do (legal trustworthy ones)


Fed actually spoke about truck drivers in V3. if he’s not lying.
i’m gonna drive trucks baby!