Office of Senator JamesDitomosso - Reponse to the State of the County

Senator, Chairman of the Congressional Government Oversight Committee


While you’re at it, get rid of all that communist crap



what does CGOC have to do with the county


The thing is, at least Patchy is trying and not just being elected then being inactive the whole term. He’s had meetings with SCSO/SCFD, have helped transform SWAT, and is working actively to MAKE the county active. By stripping their power, you’re keeping them from becoming active - thus keeping them stripped of power forever.

Instead of opposing the county, why not work with them to give both you and the county enhanced power and purpose in the state?

With that being said, I urge that this bill not be passed. I’m also no judicial guru but I would argue that a bill to strip a part of the government’s power is unconstitutional. @1superchris2


CGOC declaring war on County :thinking:


It’s always funny, every time the state starts to consider giving the County more power they begin to act like brats and whine and cry. Once again, the Governor has never been able to fire county officials because they aren’t appointed by him nor confirmed by the state Senate as required by the state constitution (I.e he can appoint and manage his “cabinet officials, ministers, etc.”). The County Executive is not an appointed office, but an elected one. And is ineligible to be directly removed by the Governor. The Sheriff and Fire Chief are not appointed by the Governor, nor confirmed by the legislature, nor in his cabinet. This is a lie the County keeps trying to tell to make people bend to their bullshit. If the County wants to play poker, need I remind them that they have zero cards, and the state controls the draw.


The house always wins


If you temporary strip them of power and say they have to show prgress while stripped power, how do they make progress?


I wish to compliment you on your document format… But I do not entirely like this release.

First off, I wish to agree with you that the speech does criticize itself. It is apart of good character to recognize your faults and take actions to improve on such issues that have been recognized by others or yourself.

But, you ask for the temporarily removal of our already very limited powers and expect us to make progress during that time?

Unlike some prior executives, I have taken steps to ensure my activity as County Executive. Whenever we attempt to be active and have our powers extended and trust bond between the state and county strengthened, you push us away and punish us for attempting to better our government as a whole.

I will never truly understand the reasons for this, why you push us away and punish us for making simple statements on a piece of paper.

I do not understand what makes you believe that the county is not ready to be endowed some very basic trusts in order to better fulfill its duties, and that you believe our government is not prepared to “lead itself”, yet, we would still be under legislature supervision with the amendment we had proposed.

The county wants the state’s trust, we really want us to have a stronger government with federalist principals, in order to ensure citizens are properly represented in our state on all levels. The county provides an easy and simple way for citizens to have legislation they wish exist, that the state may possibly have failed, be passed under our government.

The state, has failed to pass a proper malpractice legislation for example, the county passed a very basic one in order to fill in that gap.

The county never would want complete separation from the state government, merely we wish to have separation from the executive branch, in order so that we can responsibly regulate our own county departments properly, as originally intended.

Not only that, the speech takes a jab at one of the best Associate Justices the state has ever seen.

I am able to state my own opinions and such in public documents, same as you are. I like most of the supreme court justices we have. I however, personally believe the ruling was in error to my view. I cited the supreme court justice, superchris, who dissented, as we should be a “separate animal” executive branch wise.

Infact, I would never touch city departments as county executive using my authority given to me in the county charter, as that would be hypocritical. There would be no point in having city governments in there is two governments above them to regulate them for them.

The county wants trust, we really dont like yelling and coming off as threatening. You must yell and make large statements to be a good leader, even if you don’t really know how to back them. It is like you are doing right now, you are threatening the county, so should I make another release about your release talking about my release due to it being threatening?

Maybe you could speak to us… Mine, The DA, The County Council, ect all have open DMs, if you wanna talk to us maybe on how we can change to better fit your standards, we are wiling to.

However, I do not understand how being active is a bad quality from our government… You are punishing us for doing our job that, you, the state legislature, have delegated us, yet the state seems to overlap our abilities and take them over for us when we attempt to take some action.

I am here to have change done to the county, we need things to change, otherwise, we will fall short of our goals that we have set out to achieve as a state.

Give us more federalist principals so we can operate in harmony, like intended originally by the people who created our government from the outset.

It is of my hopes that your opinion changes, and that you would be willing to speak with the county instead of us both writing promises, “threats”, ect on google docs, forums, ect, in order to have positive change be enacted.

May our County and our State, prosper in harmony, with our hopes and prayers, may our endeavors not go in vain, but rather through excellence and such.

County Premier


who elected james


Nothing. This release was not on behalf of the CGOC, it was simply a statement by Senator JamesDitomosso. It is a representation of his views. While other members of Congress may agree, he is not speaking on behalf of anyone else here, Sharm.

SPT Skye Jones
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If elected into the house during these special elections, I plan on firmly standing with the county. Both sides have begun exaggerating the truth, but the county is the most vulnerable to hate. Instead of limiting the small powers the county currently has, please step back and manage the state and let the county manage itself. I see no reason to claim that the “county is unstable to lead itself”, so no power ought to be taken away.



ok, thank you for listening to nothing I said



We aren’t active…?

How so? @JamesDitomosso
I would like to ask how we are NOT active… We are quite active in mine and the citizen’s view, and I feel as though it is slanderous to call us inactive. Especially considering we just recently did a state of county address. If you were in the county discord, you would keep more up to date with our operations. But, I would still like to see proof of us being “inactive”, as that is slanderous to say we are inactive, especially this tenure.

I would like to have a response James, if you are a true man, a true politician, you would reply and we can discuss these issues that are plaguing you. A true man doesn’t cowardly run away when he is called out. A true man stands up for himself. My state of the county address, in a way, was me standing up for myself. I will continue to stand up for myself when an argument is brought up, and you should too, Mr.Ditomosso.

If I do sound mad when I conduct the statements I have put together, that is because it is an insult to all my work that I conduct on a daily basis, to call my county inactive.


This has nothing to do with the Congressional Government Oversight Committee.


It isn’t. The bill would repeal other bills that give it its power.

Why would we give them enhanced powers and whatnot for no reason, when all they’ve done is bash us and demand us give them powers?


This has no relevancy to the CGOC.


Because they actually have a purpose. The county isn’t just a gang who wish to cause harm in the state - there’s a reason they’re in this state and it’s not just state run. Why take away the minimal powers they already have with no reason?


I apologize for my horrible wording. I meant that we remove their powers until we think they are fit to operate once again.