Observations behind FSP Superintendent Water's removal from FSP and events which followed

As we know, Governor OfficerVideoGame removed WaterLostic from Superintendent and his Cabinet position in Firestone yesterday (12/28/17) evening. Throughout this time I got to thinking…

I have gotten insight from several sources and my own critical thinking behind the facts I am about to present to you.

Water is Power Hungry Why? Read on.

With my observations, I have found water power hungry for Cabinet+. He made a petition HIMSELF to get him back in FSP HIMSELF. (Link here: Petition to make WaterLostic the FSP Superintendent Nominee)

DPS Deputy Secretary

Did you also notice not 24 hours after his removal from FSP he was promoted to Dep Sec in DPS? Sounds fishy to me. Did he not… persuade DPS? Hmm. Well, if you tell me he did a fully legit interview and was accepted through experience, this is what I have to tell ya. So the interview lasted what. 10 minutes? Tommy and the DPS administration are clearly biased behind his past leadership and not that he was just demoted in FSP. Call me biased if you want, but considering Water’s actions through DEMOTING someone, then promoting 2 days later, then TERMINATING someone then bring them back sounds like an indecisive man wanting to control people.

Shall we also recall when Water set up a petition to DEMOLISH DPS? Okay DPS… you’re gonna let someone who wanted to demolish you a year ago back into your ADMINISTRATION… sounds fishy.

Water Running for Governor

Now look… he’s running for governor… look at that. Wanting more fame and power…

And who would vote for him for governor? The troopers. The FSP Troopers are only loyal to him because he was their loyal leader for “1 Year and 15 Days”. Water is all they know, therefore they support him… start thinking critically people… the only reason Water is becoming famous over this is because his troopers are 1. making petitions to get him back and 2. protesting with nice neon shirts.

I find this whole situation a fiasco with trouble in the future if this power struggle keeps up.

Yes, I am a SCSO Lieutenant, but that’s not why im dissing water. Im just sharing my observations with you all because I am full support with Governor OVG, not because I want to start “department wars”.

Proof and Additional Comments

“I made this petition so FSP would not go corrupt” -Water [On his Reinstatement Petition]

My views on that statement are totally opposite from him. Now he’s saying he holds his department up. Therefore, implying that no other gold, silver, etc command can keep FSP back on it’s feet. This shows WaterLostic thinks he is the only one who can help FSP which is entirely false because there are plently of Gold Command members who have as much seniority as him and can upkeep the department.

Additionally, he hasn’t attempted to enter anywhere ‘entry level’. He wants to be superintendent again, he doesn’t want to be a trooper again because its entry level.

Water is blaming the government and not taking ANY responsibility for his actions. https://gyazo.com/94906c7814a74a0aed1c53460fb15fa5

Governor’s Press Release regarding Water’s release from FSP:

FBI Statement regarding investigation into WaterLostic: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ire58AUxE5Mhx9-br9L5Wggnm6icgCYWNhvm6JXCLX8/edit

P.S. This post is biased towards Governor OVG, as I support him in this scenario. For those who support Water, please let me know why in the comments, however give this post a chance and think through the situation and how WaterLostic has acted and how he MAY plan to act.

I, Mxtt_Bear, am not responsible for any arguments taken place in any other places besides this post.

  • SCSO Lieutenant Mxtt_Bear

Respectfully, I agree.


I am willing to receive any observations or other feedback from both sides of this situation! COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS!


Don’t you seem jealous that his past experience get over his name and that other dept want to hire him as an high rank for a reason?


Are you really gonna be that guy?


Im not jealous in any way. In all reality, I am simply stating my observations. Troopers in FSP have been caught up in what I call “Leader Hypnosis” where you rely on one guy for so long, after he’s gone, you want him back.

SCSO has had this happen too with sonny1234thebig. It happens. But the fact that the leader is now trying to gain other positions in other departments, on top of wanting FSP superintendent back seems wrong and power hungry.

to relate this to SCSO’s sheriff sonny, he simply let it fly and went back to SCSO BUT AS A DEPUTY. My point here is, Water has not shown any intent to work back up from the entry level positions. but to start off high again


To my point. He hasn’t tried to enter entry level, but to start high.

Water thinks he’s all that. I have talked to him. He thinks his ass is higher and more superior to you. He made his own rank a Superintendent because he wanted to be higher than a Colonel.


Wow, you are very outspoken gentlemen.


And again, after speaking to Water, everyone makes mistakes. However, if they are small, they are blown up hugely if you are a higher up in a department. In the same way, I feel some of his actions were done with intent. Same instance with the Sheriff Sonny, he wanted his best reputation, therefore he did somethings to keep his reputation. For water, he wanted his Colonel to be safe, so he demoted him, etc.

Mistakes happen, but some things can’t be overlooked.


how about u guys chat on the fedoramasterb98 idea, gas stations


I’m just sitting back and watching everything fall.


I agree, I smell corruption within DPS… I think the FBI should look into Tommy about the random promotion.


Cough DPS… Corrupted, and I think you got a point.


Well boys. Looks like we won. @DannyboyJurist @Brotix @loleikz

It doesn’t take anymore than a little crtical thinking to change our minds behind Water and his leadership. Now, even FSP dispises him.

  • Mxtt_Bear

;)) Nice


He was literally screwed over and his image was torn apart. He’s obviously heated and he has every right to take whatever action necessary to get his image back.

He’s not “power hungry,” he just believes that he was screwed with BS reasons, including, but not limited to, a warrant put out for him for “treason.”

what treason!?


I mean. He was plotting the downfall of the whole government.


Your a little late bud, this conversation was 3 months ago…


Necropost. Stop it @OddHawaiifiveo

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