Mystical_Bizarre for Deputy Mayor alongside Ndh1015


Hello, fellow citizens of Prominence and Firestone. I am Mystical_Bizarre and I am running Deputy Mayor with ndh1015. A few or even none of you know me, I am new to this and have never done anything like this before, but I’m ready to do something different. I feel this is a huge step for me in Firestone and I am ready to get out of my comfort zone and take on this new challenge.


I don’t have a massive amount of experience, but you gotta start somewhere and work your way up. I am currently a Council Member for Prominence, so running for Deputy Mayor I already understand Prominence’s Municipal Government. I’ve been a Senate in the State of Roswell which died about a year ago, but I passed many useful bills during my time there and gained a massive amount of experience. Overall I understand how the government works and all the basic needs to run for a position like this.

My Ideas/Goals

As of now I and ndh1015 are working on our goals and plans for Prominence. Our many goals are too continue Skeleton’s plan too fix the Municipal Government as well as passing legislation that I feel is fair and right for the citizens of Prominence and local business in the District. I will be listening to the people of Prominence. I want to make Prominence a wonderful City that will allow all citizens to have a say in our government.


I hope that you all support me for running alongside ndh1015 as Deputy Mayor and I wish good luck to all the other candidates. I plan on doing the best I can for Prominence and it’s citizens. I am really excited about this opportunity in running for Deputy Mayor alongside ndh1015 and hope to meet amazing people that will help gain my experience and knowledge.
Thank you!


Don’t send your support on this forum, make sure to do it here: Ndh1015 for Mayor of Prominence


My intention when writing the District Charter is that would put both of your speeches in the same forum post, but this works too I guess.


Voting open.