My Take on Impeachment of Butsworth

I would like to share my opinion on the impeachment of Governor Butsworth, along with Representative Ak.

I am always seeing these forums, where it states “if you impeach the Governor, the government will fail…”, and I am going to state the complete opposite of that.

Governor Butsworth is a popular member of our community without a doubt, even before he became the Governor. But before I start with this, I would like to go over the impeachment itself and the evidence attached to it.

The impeachment (An Impeachment Of Governor Butsworth) is entirely legit and constitutionally correct. There are no errors in this, so stop blaming Representative Ak. He has executed his duties perfectly in this circumstance. There is no need for an impeachment of him or a bar of him.

As for the impeachment of the Governor itself, do I think it will pass? No. Do I think it should pass? Yes. The evidence provided seems authentic, and assuming it is authentic, it should be passed.

Now lets go back to the part where I said our government will actually gain from this impeachment. Governor Butsworth is well loved, especially by Fedora. However, as the impeachment seems valid and authentic, Butsworth should be impeached and convicted. If our government is able to pass this, then we are sure our justice system in the state puts the law before social status of skill.

Many of you most likely know that when I was the Deputy Attorney General, I always stated the law comes before everything. Well, the law comes before everything.


I believe it is in the best interest that someone with authority and no bias investigate this thoroughly. I believe Attorney General DannyboyLaw and Speaker of the House NicoloSkrt should form a small group and investigate this thoroughly, as both of them are, in my eyes, true enforcers of the law.

Fedora will keep trying to sway people into voting nay on his conviction, which he should be disregarded and condemned for. He has no business in politics (y’all can shut up about “oh he’s the Founder, he can do what he wants”, that’s not how this was made when HE signed the Constitution and Bill of Rights).

I must also state that I Butsworth is an old friend of mine, but I will put the law before him.

That is my input in this shit show.

Former Deputy Attorney General x2,



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The Office of the Mayor of the District of Prominence & President Pro Tempore of the Firestone Senate has no opinion on this impeachment as any opinion would cause for me to be called biased and will have my Impeachment/Resignation from both the Firestone Senate & the District of Prominence be called for.



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Unfortunately, within Firestone politics, there’s no such thing as unbiased, and the people who’re unbiased and sane enough to commit to such an investigation aren’t in positions of power.

Maybe we could pull a NASA and enlist qualified people with known backgrounds, both in and out of Firestone, regarding investigations and ethics to investigate the case itself.
see NASA’s old documentation regarding the Apollo 1 fire, which utilized unbiased, internal and external members to conduct the investigation, over potentially flawed members from contractors who built Apollo 1

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i personally find it funny that a Representative doing his job ends up in backlash and harassment from the community, especially the fucking FOUNDERS

this is y im not in congress anymore, every decision made ends up in backlash


I agree. He should not be treated this way for doing his job.


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