Motorized Hindering Act

Motorized Hindering Act


Section I: Hindering shall be defined as delaying or obstructing traffic by going a great amount below the speed limit.

Section II: A motorized vehicle may not travel more than 20 SPS less than the speed limit in all circumstances unless coming to a complete stop, or to slow down, then speed up immediately.

Section II B: The act of hindering shall only take effect if the speed limit on the roadways is greater than 20 SPS.

Section III A: The act of hindering shall be considered to be a misdemeanor.

Section III B: Hindering will result in a citation ranging from a minimum of no less than (25) twenty-five to a maximum of no more than (100) one hundred dollars of a citation. An individual will not receive jail time.

Section IV: This legislation shall be overseen and enforced by the Firestone National Guard, Department of Corrections, Firestone State Patrol, Firestone Department of Homeland Security and Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office.

Section V A: The Firestone National Guard shall be defined as: Firestone National Guard - Roblox

Section V B: The Department of Corrections shall be defined as: Firestone Department of Corrections - Roblox

Section V C: The Department of Homeland Security shall be defined as: Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Roblox

Section V D: The Firestone State Patrol shall be defined as:

Section V E: The Stapleton County Sheriff’ Office shall be defined as: Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox

Section VI: This legislation shall go into effect immediately upon passing both chambers and
signed into law by the Governor.

Section VII: All laws in conflict with legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the congress of the State of Firestone,

Speaker Pro Tempore Ash1835

President Pro Tempore NotoriousAmerican
Senator WockaFlockaa
Senator Bjohn323
Representative NoobletNub
Sheriff Straphos


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