Monetary Compensation

I still don’t see why we don’t already have this - make it so the courts can grant monetary compensation to people.

Let’s say I sue someone for violating a contract. I win the case. What happens next? Nothing. I, currently, wouldn’t get any monetary compensation. I mean technically it could be done by a court order ordering the defendant to pay me, but that’s somewhat difficult to enforce.

It would be much easier if the courts could have a system where they could transfer money between individuals or simply deduct money from people. This would allow for civil suits to actually be worth it, and it could even mean that the courts could, in theory, give out citations.

I am aware that there were some concerns that this violates the Roblox Terms of Use, but after reading the ToU and the Roblox Community Rules, I can’t find anything that would affect this.

Somehow Aigio is ahead of us when it comes to this. Like come on.

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Do not implement any gambling or casino style games that involve real money in any way. This includes Robux, as Robux can be purchased for real money. Games should also be fair and not be skewed in the developer’s favor .”

FSD can be bought with Robux and you can either win or lose in courts so I think it’s still gambling.

I’d argue it’s not. Tbh I might email roblox support about this and see what they say.

Wait, surely citations are gambling too then

Being afforded the opportunity to defend yourself when you’re accused of wronging someone is not gambling.


This is something that would more or so come out with v3. I’m pretty sure fed talked about giving the courts access to a GUI in v3 that would allow them to handle record expungements, and have control over some things.

If we were to do this, it would be nice to have this added to their ui so that they can issue an amount of $ out of someones account, and into another.

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Just gonna quote what Bloxck said here.

I’ve been playing ROBLOX for over 10 years now, and as cool of a system as what you described above would be, it would still count as gambling as:

  1. You can buy FSD using Robux which is bought with actual money.

  2. If you lose you don’t get anything in return, many games get around the gambling rule in ROBLOXs ToS through loot crates as even if you don’t get what you bid for you still get something in return, with the system described above however you don’t get anything in return so as stupid as it is, suing someone is the same thing as gambling at a casino.

Also, I still don’t understand how Aigio still hasn’t been taken down for Moderation by ROBLOX due to the fact it has a legit fucking casino in it…

Cites are more labelled as a punishment as the game has rules put into place that are also visible by the environment that the game takes place in (Example: Stop lights, road signs etc.)

I’ll email roblox support tonight and see what their verdict is.

You can’t buy Aigio dollars using robux so.

The Founders will not allow anyone from the courts to take FSD that you may have purchased with your own robux, therefore your own money. Too far.

(Not that I’d pay anyways, lmao.)

against TOS.

plus if someone buys cash, you’d essentially just be scamming them out of their robux.

i’ll just become a judge and give myself 100000000 lmao

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Yes, that is the one problem with this.
Unfortunately I doubt that Fed would remove the ability to buy cash because of he gets money out of it so. Guess we’ll be having useless civil cases for a while yet (unless judges do start issuing court orders).

I could use the same argument for citations, technically.

citations predate the conversation of the court deducting peoples money. and citations are practically minuscule deductions when compared to court ordered compensatory payments.

Eh, still.

I’ve sent a support ticket to roblox in regards to this and we’ll see what their verdict is but yeah. Would be a cool thing - it was certainly cool in Aigio - but probably won’t end up happening.

It’s not ROBLOX’s decision.

You can’t compare a citation to a court ordered fine…

you do realize their verdict is practically meaningless, as the founders have ultimate say as to what goes on in their game in terms of game mechanics.

Yes but that would solve the problem of whether it is or isn’t against tos, wouldn’t it.

If you gather enough citations then it can be comparable.