Make something illegal to sell

Ok ok, before y’all bash me with the “oh drugs are against tos” and all that stuff, hear me out on this.

Criminals don’t got many ways of obtaining money that are discrete. All you got is either sitting around for some cash or robbing a bank/kill people for money which are loud, expensive and pretty high risk.

However I think an illegal substance you could sell would solve this. It doesn’t have to be some obscure reference to some irl illegal drug, it could honestly be an illegal form of bloxy cola or candy (maybe it could be something like feddy candies, illegal candy stolen from fed or some jazz). I think having this would be great as it is a more subtle illegal way of obtaining money and has much lower risk of death/not as expensive to do.

So now you may ask, how would this system maybe work?

Well here is a plan I think would work well.

  • First, the people would have a few locations to go to which would have an illegal dealer of feddy candy at random
  • They then pay a small amount of obtain it and then are given either a location/have to find the other dealer that receives the feddy candy
  • Once they get to the feddy candy receiver and give the candy, they get x amount of money

The amount of money you would obtain depends on the shipment you bought which would be 2 types:

  • Small shipment

A small shipment would give around 1k. When buying the small shipment, there would be like a 1/10 chance a call is sent by a snitch to 911 of the location you obtained it from and some other details.

  • Large shipment

A large shipment would give about 3-5k (idk something reasonable). For this one, there is more than 50% chance that a call is sent by a snitch.

Now how would we make the system fair and have something to combat it. Here is how I think it should be:

  • Only can obtain feddy candy when 2-3+ DHS is on
  • DHS K9’s have ability to sniff out the candy if someone is pulled over by a k9 officer or etc

So yeah, that’s just a small rant of an idea for criminals to have a more subtle way of getting some cash. Obviously this is limited due to roblox TOS but I don’t think making some type of illegal bloxy cola or feddy candy would constitute as that (however in the end, it is up to the founders)

Thoughts below


my brain hurts but yes

yes this will be great.

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water shipments and CG can intercept!!!


My hot booty


this is a good idea for v3 but i will literally kill myself if v2 is updated more

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Sounds like a really cool idea. Would love to see criminals have more things to do, and would love to have another use for the k9 wink wink. Also just as a side note, feddy candy’s actually a really cool name cause it sounds like a drug codename

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yeah this will be much better than getting a swat person just rushing in you and cuff rushes while you are in the bank robbing.

Honestly at this point im convinced v3 is still atleast a year away, we need something new like this to hold us over till v3 releases. Criminals are gonna start leaving soon if new things arent added for them

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Interesting to say the least.

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i want to sell candy


shark is a god

i support

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something that can be a illegal is many things like equipment like something stolen from the governor that gives you a LOT of money for selling, and is a rare item (THE FORBIDDEN KOLIBOB SIRACHA BOTTLE IN GOV MANOR), and stuff in those nature.

more rare = more profit


Or just do like Aigio and let criminals smuggle weapons and ammunition from another island


It’s an exciting idea for an add-in. I like it a lot, and hopefully, it can help criminals enjoy the game a little more.

well they just lowered the gun prices for illegal guns but thats nothing new`

cool idea but i doubt it will happen

This is a pretty cool idea and I think it would add another thing for criminals to do.

I support.


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