Let’s talk about logs…


Hello everyone happy new year

Recently I have been wondering why LEOs are required to do logs every week (at least anymore)

Here’s my argument: There is no actual motivation or purpose for a person like me to do logs. I just play firestone when I’m bored and don’t have anything else to do. I dont plan on working up ranks to become sergeant or whatever. I mean, you don’t get promotion just from doing logs (I have no issues with promotion being an application with requirements) if your a normal LEO in fs your roles are pretty simple. You follow a suspect in a demon or srt or mclaren and then lose them and it’s a goose hunt till you catch them. You get laid by a criminal with AK and etc etc. what actual reward do you get from being a normal LEO doing logs? You can’t drive any cool cars blah blah blah

I hate doing logs and I speak for everyone so no more logs!

We always care for criminals gameplay what about LEOs :pleading_face:

(please share your opinions even if you are against the ideas. I want to negotiations like they did after WW1 where they made Germany broke for a while…)


Pls can we make it where logs are due every 2 weeks instead


it was fun being a leo at first but now its just boring as
same repetitive crap and i hate having to do weekly logs, i agree that logs should be 2 weeks instead, as
most departments had a 2 week break from logs for christmas and new years, and people still actively got on firestone, so i dont see why it cant be 2 weeks for logs


Exactly every 2 weeks would be nice


every 2 weeks seems like a solution that could actually happen, but in a perfect world, no log reqs would truly show dedication and activity of those who want to get promoted or care about their jobs. they can still submit their logs using whatever form their respective department requires, but otherwise, they should be able to just get on whenever they’d like

i know that towards the end of my fs career, i was unmotivated to even hop on game, and would only do so for my log reqs . . . it honestly pushed me to resign quicker.


if theres no cops on, there cant be any robberies and if theres no criminals, cops have nothing to do. Works both ways


Should we keep logs?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Bi weekly

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Yes, I agree that’s why we are trying to meet in the middle with bi weekly


I understand the argument in completely removing log requirements, but on this platform at least, the game will eventually die, on the long term.

Eventually, after being in the department for an extended period of time, you get tired of joining the game, and I can very much vouch for that. Most will say, resign after you’re tired of your job, and the logic makes sense, but on this platform people often make connections and choose not to resign (or even due to their positions in the respective department they don’t not wish to give up). Logs are what, no matter what happens, ensure game activity from employees. An active game is vital for a role-play community’s success, I believe we can all agree on that extent.

If you’re a new employee, couple of months in service, of course you’ll be in game a lot, the feeling of completing the academy and hitting the road is certainly a pleasurable one. Though after a while, you will get tired but you also don’t want to leave. If the whole department gets tired after a while, no one will want to be in-game and that department effectively dies due to no enforcement, it will create a domino effect.

The idea proposed of bi-weekly (1:30 hour) logs is one I agree with. This gives a larger timeframe to get your affairs in order and get the log done without having to worry about activity strikes and everything else.

Either way, I believe it is the best solution to allow more time for employees to get their duties done considering the founder will never permit no logs at all, or may not even allow the bi-weekly standard. But, if the founder somehow magically does not object to not having a log requirement at all, I will certainly not oppose it.

do not come at me for mistakes in my writing it is 1 am and i’m on phone thank u


Yeah exactly, I am not blaming anyone but v2 is basically a endless loop.

  2. E/R C3
  4. By the time back up arrives the shooters are gone in there SRTs/Demon/McLaren
  5. We place bolo
  6. 1-5 repeats with different criminal and different location

now you got 2 active bolos and by the time you get eyes on the vehicles you lose them because they are in a faster vehicle. (and if you are lucky ASU is in game, obv games boring for them to so can’t blame them)

Yup, most will say resign but the game CAN be fun at times and you will miss it. For example, people resign from their departments and then return in 3-4 months because they get bored. Then they have to reapply and do trainings and etc etc. This is why I don’t resign because I feel like after a period of not playing the game I’ll miss it or find it interesting.

Thank you for trying to meet in the middle!!! <3


This is what another community outside of Firestone did that I was a part of:

40 hours a month

I didn’t really hear anyone complain about this when I was there, and I was able to keep up with it because it allowed people to focus on family and work while also still contributing to the community.

So, yeah. I would agree that weekly doesn’t really make sense now (it did back then), but bi-weekly or monthly is something that should be definetly be considered.


I was thinking of a monthly basis log system, but I believe here in Firestone, after a months worth of time, some people will lose logs, forget to submit them, or even command may start neglecting, etc…so I just don’t think, at least in Firestone, it’ll be consistent.


I mean, I don’t mind coding something, either through Dyno, or a custom bot, that would allow public service members to submit logs through Discord. I Can even set up the custom bot for anyone to host if they want to host it


lets talk about logs baby
just talk about you and me
lrts talk about all the good thingz
and the bad things
that may be
lets talk aboouuuttt logs

ok so, i fucking hate logs
they suck BALLS


so what if we just… continue that

we add new certifications, new trainings, new things that you need that experience for to longevitize your desire to keep playing

being a traffic cop and being a criminal investigator, detective, dog man, or something else is completely different

so, lets add more of those (AND things that only THEY can do, common things) and see how it goes?


i mean logs should realistically be monthly or bi-weekly basis but that also means dont up the requirements, just extend the time people are shifting


40 hours a month is a lot for Firestone.

Using the standard 4 week format, we’re talking an average 10 hours a week somebody would have to be on team.

If split up between 30 days, you’d still have to patrol for an average of 1.33 hours a day.

Now imagine if someone has two or three jobs that require logs… wouldn’t work at all.

Not a good idea for FS. Bi-weekly I can get behind. I’ve resigned reluctantly from multiple departments because the weekly logs were demotivating. Some measurement of activity needs to be kept though. It is difficult to judge if somebody is active or not without tracking their amount of time spent on duty.


how does a bi-weekly quota of 1 hour, with it split into 30 minutes in week 1 and in week 2 sound?

if you miss a 30 minute ‘mini quota’ = semi-inactive

if you miss the 1 hour quota = inactive

if you’re marked as inactive and you then miss the next 30 minute ‘mini quota’, you’re disciplined because you’ve baso been dead for 3 weeks on the trot


if you don’t submit a log within 3 days of being marked inactive, you’re disciplined (as i think it is currently in some depts)


I agree, biweekly logs are much better and less stressful than weekly logs. Sometimes you don’t have the motivation or the time to get your weekly logs in.



Just pull the FAA approach and just don’t have logs in the first place, lmao


it’s cause the department is USELESS if your 1 helicopter was removed