Judicial Review of Article IV, Section I of the County Charter

On March 1st, 2018 the Supreme Court of the State of Firestone held a hearing regarding the Stapleton County Charter, in particularity Article Four, Section One. An argument was made that said section conflicted with a state law, A Bill to Establish the Stapleton County Court. The main issue being that Article IV, Section I states, “… Those judges shall be nominated and confirmed by the county council by simple majority vote.” This was determined to be a clear contradiction of the aforementioned bill, which states, “All Members of the Stapleton County Court must be nominated by the Stapleton County Executive and confirmed of, with a simple majority, by the Stapleton
County Council.” With this, the court decided unanimously to strike down Article IV, Section I of the County Charter for contradicting state law. The court also encourages the County Government to fix this article to be within the confines of its upper government.

FIoatmanjason, Chief Court Justice

SharpEyeJay, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

DannyboyLaw, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

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