Joxility for Senate, Valuing all opinions

Hi! If you do not know me I was elected in last House of Representative Elections (The most recent one). I learned a lot from House, and I know a lot of things, I would like to thank Virginian_State for helping me learn things, I was new to Congress and I didn’t know much, I only had experience in being a Public Attorney and I consulted with and learned more and more about how Congress works, and the the key things that you need to be when in Congress.
My Experience:
Although I was only in the House for a very short period of time, I learned A LOT, I also proposed a Bill To Repeal and Replace A bill to define Evidence Tampering, which was supported by a lot of people through the works of such. I also am currently a Public Attorney for the Firestone Department of Justice. I know a learned a TON about congress during my short term and I will keep learning and keep representing the people of Firestone.
Why me?:
I am running because I want the people to be able to have someone they can talk to that will listen to their problems and work to find a solution, that was the entire basis of my reasoning for running last term as a House member. I will keep pursing to represent the citizens the way they want to be and continue making new bills to make the people of Firestone happy with the State they live in.
My plans:
I plan to keep pursing to fix “A bill to Define Evidence Tampering” I feel this bill was not well written and doesn’t include a lot of things it needs to, I submitted a repeal bill to do so but my term ended so I couldn’t keep helping get the bill to where it needed to be. I also plan to listen to citizens and see what they want me to do. I like to get my ideas from the citizens since they are the ones who spend the most time in the county.
I think you should vote for me because I will be a great candidate for the Senate. I have learned a ton from my short term in Congress and I want to help Firestone laws get better and grow. I have experience and the willpower to hold this position so I hope you support me for Senate.

Support and Endorsed

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This guy did nothing in the three days he was in office from what i heard. No support


I actually learned a TON about congress and voted on multiple bills and proposed a bill… That is a lot for 3 days…

ya support




Very well. A lot of people might not know but I am here to “expose” Congressional Candidate Joxility. Joxility is unfit for Senate all he did while in house was waste government resources. . During a House of Representatives Sessions he had the nerves to ask when he gets “ss protection”. That 911 call btw wasen’t real what so ever, he was never kidnapped. IO Investigated and proved he wasn’t kidnapped from multiple eye witnesses. The incident was so bad that Secret Service had to suspend his protection for 2 days. Thats honestly pathetic coming from former House of Representative and current Congressional Candidate Joxility. So please beware when you support him and vote for him when voting comes around.

I was never kidnapped? There are photos are you stupid? You must be very ignorant to things, I posted proof of me being kidnapped, I asked for SS because I needed help from the most experienced department out their, you are just salty because I blocked your ignorant self when you tried to interrogate me and violate my rights, go back to investigating because you are god awful at it.

I appreciate it, your making yourself look like a fool. No need for me to go on. I just proved myself right. This man isn’t fit for Senate neither is he fit for the House. Im not here to argue Im here to point out the facts.

I am sorry but when you SLANDER me which is a criminal offense, by the way, I will have no choice but to point out the obvious, you have lied about me and proven to be ignorant about things

If you have a problem with the FBI trying to talk to you go right to court. Be my guest.

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I dont have time for your nonsense have a good day.

Please get off my forum if you have nothing else to say other than slandering comments, or I will have you charged with slander.

Again like I said if you have a problem with the FBI trying to talk to you then go to court. I have no problem with going to court be my guest.

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@Joxility You do realize you cant slander my man

Im here to point out the facts and nothing else.

What? I was not Slandering him, but no more than pointing out he did not do a sucessful investigation, he never looked at the actually screenshots of me being kidnapped but just got mad because I blocked him VIA discord because I didn’t need more salt in my DMS.

I’m*. Also go look at the response forum there is proof of me in a car withsomeone who kidnapped me you have 0 proof I was not actually kidnapped while I have 3 screenshots of me being kidnapped, AGAIN, get off my forum and stop slandering me.