JasonBourneAxis's Farewell

Hey lads,
Would like to thank StateXES for posting this on the forums, it’s stupid that I still remain permanently banned on the forums, I got banned June 30 2019 for multiple violations of the TOS and haven’t gotten unbanned ever since.

Pretty much no one who joined in 2020 and 2021 firestone knows who I am.

I am JasonBourneAxis, I joined in mid/late 2016 when V1 existed and didn’t really do much in V1, I did join FNG and SCFD back then but didn’t finish the sessions for both departments and got terminated for inactivity.

V2 came, I couldn’t afford alpha but I was able to buy the beta and had an amazing time. The community wasn’t really that toxic back then. During this time I ran for County Council and got elected, then got elected to the House of Representatives, and resigned after my false and unconditional conviction for treason and sentenced to 72 hours for something I did in V1. I appealed and it was accepted and it was removed. So then I didn’t really do much, but to not make this long. I got my POST Cert, joined DOC and became an instructor and became apart of SERT. became a JI in post. Ran for senate and got elected, during the first term, I snitched on the fsp superintendent (now called colonel) for crimes and he got impeached and convicted. Then I snitched on andorks for blackmailing and some other shit and he got expelled and barred from public office. Snitched on the dps Secretary and he resigned, after that, a public document written by dhs showed me attention seeking for SS protection, after that served 3 terms and was expelled for unreasonable reasons and since I was on vacation and even after notifying the presiding officer that I couldn’t attend, still got expelled. Couldn’t do much about it but yeah, I became a criminal, created Insurgents which lasted some time. Got perm banned from firestone in august 2019, appealed in janauary 2020 and got accepted on February 2020 and became a criminal again, ran insurgents reborn. which was another shit gang I made. Also got convicted a few times.
Waited a couple months and expunged my record.

Didn’t do shit for months cause V2 got boring.

Came back in like January 2021, appealed and got my post cert back. Joined SCSO and DOC again and became apart of SERT, and was a probationary instructor and resigned. finished FFA and got my FF/EMT-B and my EMT-P Cert. yeah that’s pretty much it.

Some other stuff is me being the associate secretary of DoBW in 2017, public employee and admissions officer for dpw, public employee for dot

and yeah that’s my entire career here in a paragraph

i have became irrelevant obviously and i doubt anyone cares about me leaving for good. but fs has been a huge part of my early teen years from age 10 to now age 14.
Thank you to the founder and co-founder s for creating firestone and giving me a good childhood. As well as a thank you for unbanning me from the discord and the game.

There are a lot of people to thank, but the biggest one is Jeffrevin and Canine.
Jeff opened my mind up and has been there for me.
canine been there for me for everything, love you both.

And now we are here,

I’ve spent too long in firestone, real life is important I have realized that now. I don’t believe I’ll ever come back, I might play V2 time to time

But yeah, I spent from 4th grade to 8th grade in firestone, it’s been a long time.

I’m becoming a freshman in high school now, and I have to leave the one thing I have been with and that is firestone. As well as roblox.

My next 4 years are going to be important and will define my future, I have to focus entirely on real life.

as well, please read this, this post pretty much influenced the decision I'm not gonna bother, and you shouldn't either
Thank you all, adios for the last time, time to get a life now.

also it was surreal living through fspgate and was a very interesting moment
so yeah that’s really the summary of what i did in fs, have a nice day.


to reiterate it, I’m posting this for him not me <3


o7 you will be missed


O7 my man, stay safe!


o7 lad, similar fates will follow


o7 sir


the old guard continues to exit.


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O7 bai

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Reese’s in Pieces :fist::pensive:

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though ive given you so much shit, thank you for you perseverance

good luck in your plans for the future, i hope that you have a good life jason

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this is so sad jason but good for you !

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