Isu for Redwood City Council

Isu for Redwood City Council


(I) Introduction

(II) Experiences

(III) Goals

(IV) How I will achieve my goals

(V) Conclusion


Hello, my name is Isu. I have been apart of Firestone since 2017. With this experience I’ve acquired a good knowledge of the things that go around here, and I’ve grown to see what needs to change as well. I have experienced many different fields within Firestone, and I have seen the struggles that each different field goes through on a daily basis.


Department of Public Works Public Employee

Former Peace Officer Standards and Trainings Instructor

Former Firestone State Patrol Trooper

Former Department of Corrections Correctional Officer

Former and Current Business Owner


I will ensure that all bills passed will benefit the citizens and local businesses of Redwood.

I will work towards providing a safer environment for the citizens of Redwood.

I will be community driven and ensure all citizen concerns and needs are heard.

I will work towards providing a better setting for our local businesses within Redwood.

How I will achieve my goals

I plan on listening to the community in order to ensure that bills I pass will meet the citizens of Redwood’s needs. To provide a safer environment for the citizens of Redwood, I will fight for stricter punishments for crimes like reckless driving, in order to ensure all citizens of Redwood can cruise the streets without worry. In order to provide a better setting for our local businesses, I will work with local businesses to try and vote for bills based on their needs.


I appreciate you taking your time to read my speech, and if you agree with my goals and wish to assist me in bettering Redwood as a city, feel free to leave a support message. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below as a reply to this thread, otherwise you can contact me at my discord (Isu#3043).



Through your time in Firestone, I’ve seen your constant friendliness and activity. I support you and if possible, please DM me (Beans#7588) so I can learn more above your plans!

Councilman of Stapleton County



County Councilman
SCSO SWAT Operative


Stapleton County Councilman


Arborfield Mayor

Screenshot of a supporter:

What bills do you plan to make that will benefit the citizens and local businesses of Redwood?

As a current Redwood business owner & citizen, I know what the daily life looks like. While I don’t have many bills specifically in mind to write at this current moment, I do want to assist in the making of bills that will not only give businesses more standards but more privileges, too. Most local businesses go inactive and shutdown, sometimes due to lack of customers or lack of will to continue the business. With higher standards and more privileges for business owners within Redwood, I believe we will see our local businesses flourish. To benefit the average joe in Redwood, I plan on fighting to increase the punishments for crimes like reckless driving, dangerous driving, or other crimes of the sort that endanger the lives of our citizens on a daily basis.


Princess Hecxtro

this man deserves support, he’s a hard working man who has a business that actually has a purpose and not like the other coughtseuqcough.

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County Councilman

District Chair Person, District of Prominence.