Inactivity in SCSO

ik im gonna get hate for this but it has to be addressed

I’ve tried talking to command/hicom but nobody really does anything

There seems to be a lack of accountability in the patrol division. I mean I’m not the one to point out each and every small flaw in my own department but its getting to the point where I feel like its just outrageously stupid.

first we have a deputy who hasn’t patrolled since march 5th. It wasn’t until I had to bug the high command about how literally nobody is checking up on things in scso or even caring about activity whatsoever that he got terminated.

he was terminated on April 27th

next we’ll see a sergeant within scso who currently holds 33, and yes THIRTY-THREE inactivity notices.

This sergeant hasn’t patrolled in the past 4 weeks, his last log was recorded on April 18th.


Don’t you think having 33 inactivity notices is crossing the line?

I’m all for leniency but when someone has a record of 33 inactivity notices, there really shouldn’t be any room for more inactivity.

And before you guys come at me saying “oh people have lives” I understand that. But if it gets to the point where you’re THIS inactive and you can’t properly do your job that you signed up for, is it worth staying?

here’s yet another deputy who hasn’t patrolled in weeks


there’s a lot more but I don’t feel like finding every instance.

this board is public so u can have a look if u want Trello

I really hope this forum post will open the eyes of the high command in SCSO


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SCSOGATE: Inactivity & lack of accountability


After holding a command position in SCSO for over a year, I got to see my fair share of inactivity. On the topic of the inactive sergeant, when you get up to command have been playing a lego game for three years doing the same shit over and over, you’re gonna lose interest so I can understand the reasoning for that many notices. How he wasn’t terminated is still beyond me but that’s asides from the point.

A prime example of inactivity would be the whole PTD incident with Max, it took MONTHS of inactivity and a DPS audit for people to finally realize. Before Maximus was the PTD Sergeant, he was my Deputy… I requested a termination on him not once but twice for inactivity… he hadn’t logged in for over a month at one point. It was brushed off because he was gonna get a THREE RANK PROMOTION to Sergeant of a new division.

The only time everyone gets active is when the ZTP is in effect or there is an audit.

SCSO is an exceptional department, activity is something that has just always been a problem and it will continue to be unless it’s cracked down on from the top down.


Yeah, this shit is crazy. 33 inactivity notices and mans still chilling with the sergeant rank instead of allowing others who are more active and dedicated to have a chance. This is sad.


Oh how could I forget to include this. Maximus was the director of ptd and hadn’t logged int months. MONTHS. It wasn’t until I had to submit a dps complaint for them to even consider removing him.


That whole incident could’ve actually been avoided if my requests for termination after he hadn’t logged for an entire month had been listened to.


I agree with this. Usually I dont agree with sid (jk <3)


I wish there was a low rank in every department where the activity standard isn’t super strict, like you have to patrol once a month, but the condition is you can’t promote from there unless you can guarantee weekly activity. There are some people who want to be part of this community but just can’t dedicate the required time.

To be clear though, I don’t think any command member should be inactive like this nor should this be tolerated. If you are a command member, you should act like it and be active to help others.


I asked for max to be removed pretty much right after I became CE, and had cranky take his place. No one has brought this other person to my attention, and people seem to forget that this is a game. Regardless, if y’all would give me more information and NOT in a public setting that’d be great. Although I understand why y’all made a forum, we all know this usually ends with a toxicity rant.


Well, as I’m still employed here I won’t dive too deep into the topic for obvious reasons. I agree with many of the aforementioned points made. As a Sergeant, I have seen activity ups and downs, hell, even my own unit. On a small scale, I have tried making small unit competitions (starting as a Corporal under JaMa1cAnU when he was my SGT) and just recently a challenge for activity minutes and vehicle rewards. I had suggested a change in the activity policy on April 19th, more specifically adjusted the quota from every 4 days to operating on a 1 week schedule which makes it easier for command to track and log activity in the department, not to mention almost all of Firestone uses the same schedule. I attempted to reach out to High Command regarding my suggestion and I have not heard anything. High Command has the best wishes to maintain the standards of SCSO, but I wish High Command would get more involved in updating and enforcing the activity. I’m all for activity and I hope we can find the best solutions to fix it all.




I’m gonna quote something I had stated inside them SCSO discord:

“Tbh, I really agree with it, most departments have a strict criteria on promotions, let’s take FSP for example. For a promotion there, you can only have a certain amount of notices, and if you get more than that amount of notices, you are ineligible for the promotion until records are cleared (which happens every 6 months).”


Mayflower has solved this with an even easier solution: auxiliary units. Minimal activity requirements, but you’ve still got the same powers as any other LEO.
The size of these units are limited to prevent an entire department from joining, and promotions are not a thing outside of basic unit command (A unit Sergeant and Corporal, for example).
It works.


This is from my own personal experience, ranting about certain individuals’ activity in a public discord or on forums will not solve any issues. If you actually want to “open the eyes of the high command in scso”, I recommend you use the SCSO Complaint Form to properly make them aware of the issues so they can properly deal with them.