Today we have a problem. Two problems actually, the first is the impeachment articles proposed for Judge Hecxtro.

This proposal occurred because he decided to run for Governor while still a judicial official, something that is against a law in this state.

However, the issue lies not with the articles but with the possible intent behind them: prevent an opponent from running from office. Not just for this cycle but for cycles to come - or at least thats what it appears is occurring - even if it is rightful in the due course of justice.

This all begins several months ago, with Senator Toastee accusing Judge Hecxtro repeatedly of committing multiple felonies (as defined by the U.S. Code) specifically, accusing him of sharing explicit photos with minors.

These accusations turned out to be false. Granted, we can not - and will not accuse the Senator of any form of deception but we can not rule that out either.

Fast forwarding to present day, immediately following the alleged offense by Judge Hecxtro detailed in the proposed articles of impeachment, we see that the Governor, Automationeer, and Toastee seek an immediate demand for his resignation. When he decides to offer his resignation it is too late and the impeachment process has already begun.

In a group chat dedicated to the the impeachment Governor Floatmanjason expressed “well its clear he wants a public office so we should make that a non-option for the foreseeable future” (

This was agreed to by the other members of the group chat (the submitter of the propsoed articles - Rep. Confussled, Governor Jason, Automationeer, and Sen. Toastee). In that same conversation Rep. Confussled expressed that Judge Hecxtro should be barred from the Supreme Court for a year, Gov. Jason agreed and suggested that portion be kept secret (

Next, Automationeer expresses that since Judge Hecxtro “wants to discredit us then why should we show amnesty or compassion” and further expresses that the judge should agree to the bar from all offices except his current office for four (4) months (

Later in the conversation, Automationeer discusses a counter-offer by Judge Hecxtro.
In this discussion she declares that “We already gave him this offer, he refused so if he wants an offer now it’d need to be harsher. If we just back down without condition it’d look weak and ineffective.”(

The full conversation can be viewed here:

We admit that there is no smoking gun but, given the history of each individual, their relationship to Judge Hecxtro, that while the impeachment may be lawful we question the motivations of those involved.

With the first problem addressed, we now raise the second problem: why can the Attorney General run for office and a Judge can not?

We understand the power of the judicial officials in this state but, the Attorney General can have just as many issues associated with a campaign (I.e. charging/investigating their opponents, moving to revoke their law licenses, moving to revoke their CFLs, etc.).

Granted, we understand that for many of these examples there are other people present that can put an end to such activities however, the question still arises.

As a state, even if we agree that what we have is the best course of action, we believe we need to have a discussion on which offices should have such a bar on running and which should not.

We publish this statement with no ill-intent towards anyone but to bring to light some concerns that us, and others at presently, have about this impeachment.

Please do with this information as you may. We wish the very best for all involved and I do not wish for anyone involved to quit because of these questions - I seek to only make them better individuals, and better leaders, by presenting these questions.

Please note that this is not written as an employee, or counsel, to any person, entity, or department.

Please have a blessed and safe holiday season,

1superchris2 & worriedchris2001

I, 1superchris2, further admit that I was apart of these very same discussions and for that, to the public, I deeply apologize. I maintained my presence in the group chat so that we could continue to gain access to intelligence.


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tl;dr impeachment against hec legal, but they think its bc of personal ambitions, rather than justice


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hi so basically its questioning the motives behind hec’s impeachment bc toastee had previously suggested that he sent pics to minors, and we can now see that toastee, conflussed, auto, and float proposed his impeachment articles and wanted to bar him from office or whatever

also it goes into why the ag can run for gov but a judge cant


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regardless the question/concerns posed still remain…