iLord 4 Unban (From Firestone Discord)

Exactly 1 week before this thread was posted I was banned from the Firestone Discord. I banned myself for having 2 kicks and 2 warns, then getting another warning from lord Nehxtro, since I am the ultimate moderator.

I’ve spent the past 168 hours being bored since I can’t do my favorite thing, interact and moderate the great Christian server we know as the Firestone Discord. I have repented for my sins and I am ready to be released back into the wild, I wish to be let free from my cage of having to talk to my real life friends, they’re very boring.

I was banned for an inappropriate but pretty funny dad copy/pasta, I am a boy of The Lord now, and I return with the mental age of 53 and a half years old. I realize there’s about a 99% chance I won’t get my mod role back, which is okay. I’m just sad I wouldn’t be able to embed pictures anymore…


i’m desperate pls let me come home


1 week time only accurate to minutes, not seconds.

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woops i didnt mean to post this yet

i wasn’t supposed to press post for another 8 minutes :b:ahaha

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Will Propose

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On the advice of counsel, the answer is no.