Iconic Press Release #18

Iconic Press Release Week of 5/15/2022 - 5/21/2022

Main Announcments

  • Iconic officially endorses hxppyteddyy and Ash1835 for the Gubernatorial Elections. You can view their campaign here.
  • Former General Manager FoxyTheWereFox has resigned, we thank him for his dedication to Iconic. o7
  • ADMIRAL_RICKY has received the position of General Manager and Vscobro6 has been given the position of Team 2 Crew Leader. Congratulations to both.
  • Iconic releases a new limited time “I Voted” Burger available until 5/20/22 get your hands on these today!

Maxofamillion2 & JustSunnyD, Iconic Public Relations


Congrats @ADMIRAL_RICKY !!



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