How the judicial system is broken



this is our department of “justice” boys :ok_hand:

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Also you can appeal under mistrial grounds btw

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just a sidenote

My suggestion: is appeal under those mistrial grounds.

Otherwise, you will be forced to serve those 70 hours, making the game unplayable for you.

I would start keeping my computer on Firestone overnight from now on,

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Proof you were there?

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I reset my PC but either way I don’t have pictures of my roblox client being in the game, either way I had evidence i messaged the court justice at the time of the case. Can you show us YOUR evidence you were even online that day?

No, because I don’t take a picture every time I go online so fair and fair. Putting my statement to rest.

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You can show discord chat logs like I did :slight_smile:

Also none of my prosecutors were in the game :slight_smile:


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That’s a statement I stated in the DM’s but I still attended the game lmao

thats your discord activity in the chat really

Again no Proof so putting this to rest. Good Night

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So you are stating you were in the game?


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Because if you were, then why did you not say I didn’t attend the same day or the day after the case happend ?
why did you do it 10 days later :thinking:

I personally joined the game, waited literally 5 minutes and left because their was no point of being in a server with no one.

and as my previous chat convo that is in the Firestone discord. At the same date I talked to Danny and he stated a mistrial

First off, the Courts aren’t the Department of Justice but good job trying! Just because one DCJ is a bit foolish doesn’t mean all of us are. DCJs Kerbal, Brotix, and Chris are excellent judges. AJ Yosemite is an excellent judge. CCJ FIoat is great. And I give myself a solid 7/10.

Also, I agree with the appeal.

Oof. Well then.

Gotta defend your people but still doesn’t take away the fact you guys act retarded 90% of the time