How long have you served?

while I was sitting in my barracks room I was reminiscing about the past, and it made me wonder how old other people are.

so i’m curious as to this, and leave your comments: how long have you served in firestone and with your respective departments?

personally ive been in firestone since 2016 when I joined as a criminal chasing and shooting cops at the capitol building in V1. i’m running a little less than 2 and a half years in SCFD, a little over 2 years in FFA, and just recently 3 months in FNG

i also wanna see who’s the oldest still serving member from each department


I joined fully like two years ago, I started playing a bit earlier then that but honestly I was too afraid to try new shit, idk why

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Been serving probs 1.5 years or so, almost 2 years on SCSO. God, what I am doing with my life…

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Been in DOS since 2019. First and forever department.

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Dedicated a lot to SCFD for 3 years, moved onto CG and CRT after.

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joined late 2019, was in dpw for 5 months, fng for 2-ish. currently rejoined dpw

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Joined 2017

Been in DOT since 2019

Been a lawyer for nearly 4 years, 2 of those spent as judge

Been POST Certified for 4 years. 1.5 years as serving LEO

Joined in 2017. Year and a half for commerce, year and 3 months for DOBW, 7 months as SCFD, and over the course of all my 4 times in DPW, it probably adds up to 1.5 years. I’ve been in others but they’re less relevant

Been in FNG since 26th December 2016
Left for a months period May-June 2018 (Exams)
Came back June 2018
Gained Major General February 2019
Major General for over 2 years now.


Joined in October of 2016

Joined DOT, served for almost a year

Went through FITE, Joined FNG and served for 5 days,

Served in SCSO for a year and half - achieved Captain

Joined FSP, served for 7 days

Moved on to DHS, spend a year there - achieved Director of Secret Service

Joined DPW, served for 3 days,

Joined DPS, served for a year, achieved Deputy Secretary

Left due to college

Came back, joined DPS again, achieved Associate Secretary, served for 7 months

Joined DHS- current job

ive been a cop for 4 years, spent 1 and a half in Fng and medical for a year and a half

Joined back in July 2017, didn’t play v2 until late December

Not gonna go through my many departments and how long I was in them, but I first started in DOT on January 21, 2018.

So 3 years, 6 months, 26 days from that date to today.

I was in Event Staff and FNN but I haven’t found those dates so.

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Originally joined in 2018. Left for a while then came back. Worked in DOT for almost 2 months now.

joined in 2016 and all i’ve done is politics which i’ve served as

x1 deputy chief of staff
x3 county council
x4 representative
x4 senator
x4 county executive
x2 dobw secretary
x1 speaker of the house
x1 lieutenant governor
x1 governor

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Played when v1 first came, did post to tier 3, due to timezones i quit, redid it got to tier 4 and quit, rejoined later in 2018 and did POST, joined DPW, resigned after a month, joined SCSO, held sgt for 1 year 2 months, held lieutenant now for over 1 and a half years

joined fng, got to corporal in infantry, joined CG, stayed there for over a year and now i want to expand my previous department list!

1 year in SCSO, 1 year in county govt, Half year in dot 2 years in FNG

Joined FS in 2018

too long

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if this is an excuse to post my resume then hell yea

  • Bar Certified Attorney (since February 2021)
  • CFL Warrior Security Administrative Staff (since July 2021)
  • Former President pro tempore (July - August 2021)
  • Former Senator (May - August 2021)
  • Former Representative x3 (September 2020 - April 2021)
  • Former County Councillor (April - June 2021)
  • Former Arborfield City Chairperson x2 (Februrary - August 2021)
  • Former Arborfield City Councillor x3 (July 2020 - August 2021)
  • Former State Department Advisor (July 2020 - May 2021)
  • Former Redwood City Chief of Staff (July 2021 - August 2021)
  • Former Acting Arborfield City Attorney (August - September 2020, Feburary - August 2021)
  • Former Redwood Driving School Vice President (June - August 2021)
  • Former Firestone News Network Board Chair (September 2020 - June 2021)
  • Former Correctional Officer (September - October 2017, April - May 2021)
  • Former DOBW Supervisor & Training Coordinator (March - August 2021)

and many more positions :3

i think the longest i spent in any one area would probably have been DOS or Arborfield, which would’ve been just under a year.

I think a good few months as a rep and dpw

I’ve been in the State’s justice system since 2017