How long have you served?

joined when fs opened in 2016, 2 years in scfd, well over a year and a half in fng, 8 months as gov, about a month or so as doc, 6ish months as fbi, 4ish months as scso, 3-4 months in dhs, and the list goes on. my longest stint was scfd though 11/10 can confirm scfd was probably the most genuine fun i had. the guys there were legit, the work we did was legit, and there was very little drama.

  • Former Governor, (x2)
  • Former SCFD Assistant Chief, Paramedic in Charge, Firefighter (x3)
  • Former DOC Correctional Officer
  • Former FNG Military Police
  • Former FNG 6RR
  • Former FBI Agent (Old FBI under Disordio/Rolerain)
  • Former SCSO, mainly SWAT
  • Former DOH Secretary (1 1/2 years)
  • Former DOT Employee
  • Former Business Owner (x?)
  • Former DHS FPS
  • Former DHS SS
  • Current Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, Master Strategist, Hyper-Egotistical Occasional Italian Mobster :sunglasses:
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2017 - fng
yea don’t feel like typing out the rest rn

only been in firestone for a year but uh
Current Positions:
Private First Class in the Firestone National Guard. (2/25/2021 - Present.)
→ Junior Enlisted of the 1st Military Police Regiment
Trooper in the Firestone State Patrol. (11/15/2020 - Present.)
Instructor in the Firestone Peace Officers Standards and Training. (6/11/2021 - Present.)

Former Positions:
Registered Nurse in the Department of Health (10/10/2020 - 12/12/2020)
Senior Public Employee in the Department of Public Works (7/25/2020 - 12/25/2020)
Fire-Medic in the Stapleton County Fire Department (12/21/2020 - 3/28/2021)
Water Technician in the Department of Boating Waterways (3/19/2021 - 5/14/2021.)
Correctional Officer in the Department of Corrections. (4/7/2021 - 5/19/2021.)

i’ve been in firestone since around 2017

may/june?? 2018 got my first job in DPW. worked my way up to supervisor. resigned sepetember 2018

October 2018 got my first job in FDOT resigned few months later

went inactive most of 2019

came back summer of 2019 and joined dot/dpw again (i think)

started capital gas in november 2019

dot again in 2020

got post certified 2020

joined FSP as a state trooper (resigned)

joined DOC as an officer (resigned)

joined FNG and made my way up to sergeant

joined the fbi academy june 2021

left FSP july 2021 and became an FBI special agent

now currently I own CGF (coming upon the 2 year anniversary!), work for the FBI as a special agent and an FNG sergeant.

since December of 2017

Eh, I’ll do this.

Discovered Firestone sometime during 2017, but didn’t actually join the community yet. Officially joined and became a citizen in May of 2018. Previous positions:

  • FDoT Public Employee (x2 I think? and also my first occupation)
  • FSP Trooper - Captain (x1, applied from class 33, served FSP for over a year)
  • FDoC Correctional Officer (x1, probably was my shortest stint)
  • POST Junior Instructor (x1)
  • SC District Attorney (x1)
  • FDoJ Public Defender and State Attorney (x1)
  • FDoJ Head of Public Relations (x1)
  • Prominence City Council (x1, was the chairman of the council for a little while too if I recall)
  • FS Representative (x?, but I did run for reelection a couple of times)
  • FS Senator (x1, my last position before moving to the bench)

Current positions:

  • Bar Certified Attorney (An attainment)
  • District Court Judge (Confirmed on 7/14/20)

criminal in v1 and v2 alpha,
fng november 2017 - present
fsp november 2017 - december 2018
scso swat january 2019 - may 2019
dhs june 2019 - present

currently dhs for 2 years and fng for 3.5 years

Started out my adventure in SCSO when I joined in 2017 and ascended to Sheriff around 2018. Stayed for a grand total of 11 days before resigning :sunglasses:

Took a break from roblox and then came back around early 2020.

Received my bar certification last year, got some great experience and mentorship while employed as a public defender (fun job), and then got promoted to DAG under mr wolf.

Also served as a state representative and DOT public employee. that’s the mango man story

i joined firestone early 2019. i got my post cert and applied to SCSO.

joined scso

left scso

joined fsp

joined ASU

joined fng

joined 9th & then CG

left fsp

rejoined scso

left scso

joined FBI

have been going strong in this community for over 2 years now

Dot 2 years, FSP almost 3 years, doc probably 2 years total the amount of times in it. Joined fs in 2018 Dpw maybe 6 mouths. Md a year asu maybe close to 3 years total.

Got my post cert in 2018 as well

Also forgot to add been in post as a instructor for 1 year before I got fired and now I’m back as a JI currently

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