How intrusive are search warrants getting?

How intrusive are search warrants for a block game?
Personally, I think they’re overstepping by quite a bit.

–> Can a privately owned discord be searched?
–> Can a personal and private real life computer, youtube account, or discord be searched?
Let me know your opinions down below.


This is a government, it simulates a real government.

Search warrants are perfectly fine, this is probably due to the POST thing.


I’m not a law expert, but searching a personal info on a computer w/o an irl warrant isn’t illegal?


That is not… legal!!! Just tell them to go away because they can’t legally search your computer


When people take ROBLOX to the next level…


I’m pretty sure a supreme court has to rule a search warrant on this…

Two search warrants within two months to the NG…

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Servers such as POST are not privately owned as you may be implying. They are official department servers ran by cabinet members, therefore they must comply with laws such as the classification act etc. If there is probable cause that they are violating said acts, I dont’ see why the Judicial Branch cannot carry out a search warrant,

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I, and literally every judge, agree personal computers and rl property can’t be searched. However, why not Discords?


if they even try to search my channel or reupload my channels video of me doing the crime imma hit them with a fucking takedown if they keep on trying to search my pc that wont go well they cant search my discord because there just going to keep on getting banned 100% agreed

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Watch IO get mad when a judge signs a search warrant on DHS


post discord isn’t private. if it’s your own then probably not



it should be like that

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post search warrant was pretty stupid

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If evidence is presented from said discord, that would meet the Probable Cause and other requirements needed for a search warrant, then possibly.

Having a search warrant for ROBLOX placed for your computer would be extremely difficult to enforce for one. It is extremely easy to delete files on computers.

Secondly, placing these ROBLOX search warrants on anything of real personal property, is most likely in violation of ROBLOX’s Community Rules, Section 2.

Youtube accounts, permitting that they not be personal ones, have been used before for search warrants. Such as seen in Search Warrant: KendallAlesia (executed, void) .

A personal discord would be interesting to see. For example, I do have multiple friend discords not related directly to ROBLOX. Such as my Snaccs discord and Donut Devs discord. This then, raises more questions pertaining to DMs with people. If such chats or discords, ect contain any personal or personally identifiable information… It would definitely be out of the scope of the court to conduct search warrants in relation to such. This being as, Discord Terms of Service, Roblox Community Rules, and our Firestone Forum’s Terms of Service, all set clear limitations on personal information. Such limitations would render such warrants clearly in violation most likely.

For discord, this would be under Rules of Conduct and Usage which states:

As an example, you agree not to use the Service in order to:…

  • attempt to obtain passwords or other private information from other members;

For forums, stuff relating to personal information is under:

Basically, if it is considered personal or private information, that could be used to harass, stalk, identify you as a person, ect. It would most likely be in violation, which would in theory result in the take down of the warrant and/or related moderation action by Firestone Administration.

At least, thats my in depth review on this issue.


didn’t NG get a search warrant and then OVG stopped them from doing it because it was judicial intrustion


Search warrants should be issued for information pertaining to Firestone. If I join a criminal organization’s Discord and can provide probable cause that crime is being committed in hidden channels, I should be able to legally obtain a search warrant for the evidence. This is just like real life. If the police can prove criminal activity is going on in a privately owned buildings, they can obtain a search warrant to search that building. Don’t want to be searched? Don’t do crime. It really is a simple concept.


if its an official firestone discord, yes

if its a personal discord, no
if its dms, no

thats like saying “hey i have a rank in a roblox group, let me view everything on ur discord now”
nah, not how it works - discord can have some personal things on it and personally idgaf who you are, you should not be able to view my personal stuff

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If I were to get a search warrant that asked for material not Firestone related such as files on my computer, youtube account, twitter, or anything like that, I’d ignore it.


Also, the search warrant for POST was obtained through a discord exploit which violates discord TOS, which makes that case rather interesting.


While yes, according to discord, and by following its Terms of Service, BetterDiscord would be considered a modification to their software, thus being against terms of service…

Discord is merely stating that is against their terms, in order to protect themselves from liability. I haven’t really seen that policy enforced much at all. Infact, BetterDiscord is a very public project with various plugins, modifications, ect, enforcement is difficult.

If they did not state it wasn’t allowed, it would leave them to liability about the better security of their software.

It isnt an exploit, but rather, a modification. The way the plugin works, to my understanding, simply provides the user with the list of channels the client must already receive, in order to show the channels that they may go in. As, how else would the client know what channels it can view, without seeing the ones it cant?

Simply put, using BetterDiscord is against ToS, but no one gives a shit enough to enforce such. Otherwise, some of our moderators in the main FS discord might be banned if that was the case!

WHAT IS WAY MORE SERIOUS RELATING TO TOS… Is using Self-Bots. Many people have been banned for those recently.

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