How bad the tasers are for law enforcement

The tasers provided to every law enforcement agency, MP, FSP, SCSO, DHS, DOC and subdivisions all suck to be honest. It would be nice if it got a rescript cause the tasers all have delays except for the drive stun. The fact that the “cartridge” fires is realistic, but the tasers are modelled badly along with scripted badly in my opinion. The cartridge is bigger than the actual body of the taser where it isn’t supposed to be. The delay is annoying but seems a little realistic yet a little too long, which makes it hard for law enforcement to tase suspects, unless they are far away and are not bunny-hopping.

It would be cool if there were actual prongs and maybe a range for the prongs so you can’t tase at a certain distance like half a road away. Pretty easy for law enforcement but unfair & annoying for criminals at the same time. Criminals can easily make off with a pickup as law enforcement can’t tase them as they bunnyhop. You can say they will run out of stamina but there’s some people who actually spend robux on stamina just to bunnyhop more which is quite frustrating for law enforcement.

I would like to note that it’s from my standpoint and I cannot speak for everyone out there. I use the term ‘law enforcement’ to define officers lightly.

Tl;dr: Our tasers require a remodel for V3 & a rescript as the delay till the cartridge is actually fired is too long and criminals love to bunnyhop, making tasing nearly impossible for law enforcement. Taser body looks realistic but cartridge is bigger than the taser itself thus a remodel.


the taser look like a free model taser, that you can just search up on the store. but i agree, i think the tasers need to be worked on. make them more realistic, and i believe firestone has been using the same tasers since v1.


and then there are LEOs that complain about their experience with tasers when we can get tasered from across the map with a taser, and unlimited carts

Not to mention that theres no reload time. The tasers have no range, no cartridge limit, or anything.

weve been dealing w/ this for YEARS


no range sucks and is unfair and annoying
cart limit is ok imo
reload time would be nice thus the rescript

firestone = roleplay | tases across a whole 4 lane road

from like v1 or something but ive never seen a forum post about how badly made the tasers were

  • i feel like we should have a limited range so taser prongs auto-despawn after a certain range
  • It would also be nice to have a reload time and animation like the guns
  • Limited cartridges would be weird but possible
  • better model would be so much nicer

did anyone tell the devs about this issue?


I mean its an issue that everyone can see as the taser’s are as old as Fed’s state of rockport


they are literally 5 years old


but of course, if we try to say update the tazers, we get a “they will be updated in v3” but now we all know that v3 is gonna come out in a few years


I mean, from asking some scripters it wouldn’t be hard to have range/the reload time (just a few lines of code I assume?) but idk


not only just change the reload time, but to also make a whole new taser. that taser basically is 5 years old.


prob even more than that
norfolk is 5 years old
these tasers were FMs put into TRC, these tasers are prob 6-7+ years old


I would rather be shot and killed so I would have a chance to get away then tased and cuffed.

But that’s just my experience from playing in liberty county.


that is legit what majority do, foot pursuits arent a thing im V2, the most you can go in pursuits is like 30 seconds without being tased because you’re jumping like a bunny


The issue is the only thing stopping someone on foot is a tazer, we can’t physically make contact and push them down, it’s only RP. And FS is full of RP!!! Sure we got OC and baton, but thats closer distance, and, in case someone FRPs and runs off, the tazer can permanently hold them down


I mean, if you’re not able to catch a FRPer ig you can use the citation book to get their name to submit a ban request lol


There could be some sorta special mode for tasers that are used for non-rp purposes like holding down
an FRPer or an exploiter (though cuffs would work better for that)


that would be abused so much


also on the topic of like tools not being efficient/buggy, the majority of civilian vehicles other than the taurus seem to flip a LOT, the first time I drove the SRT, it flipped on the first turn I took. maybe the civilian cars can be stabilized like the doc/fsp/ss tahoe!

these were all encountered within a few minutes of eachother going to different locations

cars could use handling fixes, the med humvee (maybe the other humvees) sometimes veer and I nearly flipped over and rammed into things cause of it