GoProDojoTM for Prominence District Council

About Me:

I am a first-generation Firestone Law Enforcement Officer for the District of Prominence. I love seeing the smiles on the children and families when I can help them with their issues. You may ask what are you doing helping people, you are supposed to be stopping crime. Well yes, I do stop crime but I take the time out of my day to connect with the citizens of Firestone and the residents of Prominence District. Being a peace officer is not only about being a tough guy who tackles criminals, but it is about being the connecting link to the community. You must do your job by preventing crime AND by ensuring the citizens are safe and helping them if they get a flat tire or need directions. This is why you should elect me for the District Council due to my love for the District of Prominence and my desire to make sure the citizens of Prominence are satisfied and enjoy their time residing in the District.

I am keen on all areas of law enforcement, even though I have only been an officer for a few days, I have seen the issues in the city and promise you to work with other councilors to improve the city and make it greater than it already is.

Some of my plans:

My DMS will always be open for inquiries or suggestions. Being a councilor or a position that can make changes to a city is important and being able to take citizen suggestions and always be open to answer questions is the key to ensuring the residents are being represented correctly and are satisfied with any decision made in the community.

Trespass Database:
I plan to establish a database for those who are trespassing from businesses. This is a problem because if a business trespasses an individual and the next day comes there is nothing to track that they were trespassed. A database to keep track of this will keep our business safe and ensure all officers are aware of who is trespassed.

Other Plans:
If you or a friend have more suggestions my DMs are always open. Discord: GoProDojoTM

If you want a true and community-oriented councilor Go Pro and Vote Dojo!

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Candidate did not have enough support for ballot.

Election ended. Results @ District Council Voting.