Give us LEOs a little more advantage like a bill or law to protect us from certain things

Sure we enforce the laws but the thing is, why are criminals treated like they own the state? Here is my answer and that is pretty much because if you make a mistake when catching a criminal, your job as a LEO is in trouble in an instant. Don’t forget that they record too. But the main problem is when they record and send it to court or DPS or to the officer’s respective superior. And if you look at it, most likely it would be edited so that it would make the LEO look like a heartless villain who is powerhungry. A fact that I can debunk is the fact that criminals say we have more of an advantage and believe it or not it is a lie. They literally own SRTs and it is hard for us to catch them (for the criminals) and they also have more respect than us. I can provide an example and that is a while back when I made some mistakes during my time as a POST instructor, I was terminated on the same day. But a few days later when another instructor was filed for contempt by the courts, he kept doing his job and resigned a few days later. Now, as a sergeant, I look over the evidence so I can determine what happened in which it caused the subject to yell, “SUPERVISOR.” Even if we did our jobs, we get in trouble and it is very hard to pull a LEO out of that hole if he/she didn’t record the incident or couldn’t due to PC limitations. Another thing I can point out is yes we are the servants but the criminals treat us like slaves on when they commit a crime (take a bank robbery for example) and they try to evade on foot and they get tased and cuffed, they tend to sue or make a dps report. And don’t forget that some criminals are respected by government officials and certain court officials (not turning any of you down) and here is why. If a LEO gets sued, the official would debunk what the LEO would say and side with the criminal and they know that they committed a crime themselves. EVEN OTHER LEOS HELP CRIMINALS like leaking info about stuff (not going specific). So please make something that helps us LEOs have a small advantage because criminals get all the advantages and even get away with it. Sure as a LEO, we make mistakes but that doesn’t mean costing us our jobs because we cuffrushed on accident or whatever mainly because of how the game works. It would help us so much and it would give us a little more authority since the criminals at the moment can do something and pin the blame on a LEO and get away with it using editing software or a photo of a LEO killing a suspect trying to kill them. And also have the courts and dps take a closer look at the evidence before proceeding on doing whatever by looking if the person edited a video or zoom in on a photo if so.


I feel that doj, dps, and department hicomm should require a full unedited video if available for the report to be valid.

There should also be a union for public safety workers


benefits cops have in v2.

LEO Criminals
Has spike strips. Tires can’t be popped. Rambars that can pop tires. Tire’s poppable. No way of filling with DoT (high chances of rejection during a pursuit).
Bulletproof Windows. Vehicle health stronger than a standard civilian vehicle. Windows shootable. Vehicle can be damaged more easily than LEOs.
Aerial Support (ASU). No roadways or path to follow. External support from other officers. No external support. You’re still in the same one vehicle even if you switch.
A couple studs per second slower than the fast vehicle in game. Fastest vehicle in the game.
Once out of gas, you can just respawn your vehicle or refuel. Once out of gas, you need to go to gas station to refuel. Unable to respawn with full tank.
Government-issued weaponry with full magazine every respawn. Free ammo restock. Need to find Paws which changes location every now and then throughout the map. Need to find paws again for ammo restock. You lose gun upon death.
Vehicle spins out on high speeds. Vehicle spins out on high speeds.
Immediately notified of a bank robbery and/or prison break with exact location. Can rob banks and gain money. Can escape from prison.

Yeah uhm, game kinda more balanced to cops.

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how u make that cool chart thing


I don’t think you have been playing Firestone V2 man. either that or your on crack.

My friend Philip here kinda put a good compare between LEOs and Criminals although I want to also enlighten you on that chart too.

That part is literally rare and requires DoC to be active either then that your pretty much fucked =D


the only advantage criminals have is freedom!!!


You guys had an advantage when we still allowed 72 hour prison sentences. People who caused the most problems and went on mass random murder sprees got higher sentences.


3 days in a hole for playing the game is a little absurd isnt it


Yeah, I should’ve been more clear on that point. I forgot to mention that ITS COMPLETELY LEGAL TO SHOOT A ESCAPED PRISONER.


>Thread about giving LEOs Advantage
> Complain there are corrupt LEOs
> Needs evidence either way to get a LEO in trouble and calls it not fair


here we fucking go again with minecraftcaleb53 complaining of his hardships as a LEO, and only a LEO being ignorant and fucking biased at best.

Where do we own the state? Who is in charge? Who gets most of the features? Who is given more tools and everything when it comes to rules? YOU.

Just like IRL, stupid mistakes have stupid consequences.

Everyone should be recording.

AGAIN, record your POV. stop complaining because you didn’t record your POV

More respect then you? you do realize there are literally only a few criminals left because majority of the community has pushed them out for “being toxic” for playing the game as its intended, right? Of course you dont. You only view ONE SIDE and ONE SIDE ONLY.

Sue POST then, don’t complain to people who had no say in this whatsoever.

If you can run V2, you can also record, as proven with my laptop which is 7 years old.

How do we treat you like slaves? are you this over yourself? You get a DPS report if you break the law, or department policy, get your head out of your arse.

answered by philip here.

Then redo the RP, dont “blame lag because you rushed in with handcuffs towards a player”

again, your head is in your arse. “since the criminals at the moment can do something and pin the blame on a LEO and get away with it using editing software or a photo of a LEO killing a suspect trying to kill them”

this makes no sense, usually they require CONTEXT to evidence

TL;DR your head is quite literally in your arse. You are 1 sided and ignorant. Get real.

You have made a post like this countless times, and you ignore every comment I make. How about responding instead of ignoring.


Hey man, I’m not being toxic but if actually not hard to understand that cops have more advantages…


when i was a cop even then i knew how much more of an advantage LEOs had

and now i realize it even more


and a BILL to protect you from WHAT

not allowing you to get in trouble for doing your job wrong


Pretty sure all Minecraft is asking for is that DPS stop taking short clips with no context. I don’t even know if they do take short clips with no context. /shrug


Can you show a DPS clip where they make the cop look bad



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Cuxle pretty much sums it up perfectly. Criminals are, in my honest opinion, the people who do not have many advantages

-pugii // skyee#1004


i felt this on a personal level