Gender Discrimination Regarding Attire


Do you identify as a male but want to wear female attire on duty? Do you identify as a female but want to wear male attire on duty?

I am Clonemep and I am preparing a case regarding the constitutionality of gendered uniform / dress requirements within departments. If you have or are suffering from gender discrimination by being prohibited from wearing certain attire due to your gender, please contact me at Clonemep#2178 .


Examples of Discrimination


i mean i know like 1 person that might want this, i dont think its ever been an issue but oh well


this is just another case of the legal community causing extremely huge deals over extremely small matters

from my experience, almost EVERY single case where I’ve seen “cross dressing” in department uniform, people have done it as a means to be immature and because people think its funny


yea, like ive never ever seen anyone have an issue with this
let alone people asking out about it, i dont see the need for extra drama


Departments don’t ask for your gender, so I don’t think they care if you dress as the opposite gender.


the only people who are gonna dm regarding this are people who want to act immature and abuse/meme it

the only person in this community who i can recall is openly transgender in a department, also happens to be a department head, and said department literally has gender specific dress policies


if i were to cross dress for some odd reason would you care
OR would you file a DPS report and terminate and permanently bl me from dpw

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Nvm they do

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a termination would be excessive but if i had a dm/witnessed an employee doing it in a matter that was immature and made a mockery of stuff like that, i would just politely dm them and ask them to stop, only if they continue, would I look into the possibility of taking some action

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cossie W
L bill

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Just Man-Up


Ima be honest bro, when i was an fsp asu sergeant I wore long female hair anyway becauwe who tf cares loool, ft was on duty when I did it on my last patrol and gave 0 fucks


Right whilst this may be another Clonemep legal moment that most people see as stupid, there was a better way to voice your opinion. Get off Fox News.

Please actually look up the definition of this word because using it as an insult is actually a bad thing

when the professional law enforcement position has professional grooming standards



How is it unconditional, also they don’t care which rule set you follow they just want you to pick one.

Also notice how this has never been a problem and everyone is fine.


Woah now don’t attack the legal community as a whole, there is over 40+ bar certified attorneys (~15-20 who I still see ever on, ~10 who practice, atleast from what I see) and this is only one of them. Clonemep just seems to find issues where no one else sees them and cares (usually because the issue is so miniscule it’s non existent or because no one gives a shit)


Generally throughout my experience with practicing bar certified attorneys, it appears that a lot of them like to dissect non-important situations to the core as a means to allow loopholes etc

Having been some form of “High Command” in departments for almost 4 years now, I can say that I take a dim view on some lawyers who always look for technicalities in policies etc to let people get away with stuff.

Cross dressing has never been a problem, if it ever was a problem. If an employee ever had a genuine problem with it, why cant they contact their department head and attempt to find a resolution? Only at that point if a resolution was found would I see it viable and necessary to take it to court on an individual basis, of which then a case precedent would end up being set.

Generally what I’m saying is some certain members of the legal community can be what “ruins” aspects of firestone and makes life for high command members a lot more strain than it needs to be sometimes, I understand some stuff needs regulation, but for example, the legal community trying to tell the governor they are breaking the law for having a rogue’s arrests removed? There is a line and a lot of people choose to cross it.


The governor pardon thing was the absolute most idiotic thing I had ever heard. As a BCA myself I could find zero pardon regulations meaning that the governor can pardon anything they wish, now while this power shouldn’t be abused there is absolutely nothing wrong with removing a rouges arrest. I’ve seen judges say DM them if you arrested by a rouge and they’ll remove it shortly after similar incidents.

There was no need for any lawyer to throw the hissy fit they did about that.


That lawyer was me, counselor. And the “hissy fit” I threw was Shark asking me, unprompted, if it was legal, and I said it was not. Hop off my dick

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