FSP:ASU Heli Problem


Within V2, many of my pilots, as well as pilots from the SR and MR division complain that the helicopter is extremely glitchy. Here is the problem:

  1. When you turn on the engine and ready to take off, the heli just ends up not moving, and none of the controls work. This is constant

  2. Deleting and respawning the heli does nothing to fix the problem.

  3. This delays our response when we are called out for pursuits. This is especially a problem for medivacs, when they are about to take off with a patient and the heli does not take off. SWAT and CRT also know about this because a lot of the times in the transport, the heli does not work.

Thank you.
AP Serg Icebreaker768


Major oof

Agree, needs to be fixed.

Yep. I witnessed the heli have multiple problems, and once it does work, it launches about 100-300 feet into the air.

The heli uses SpaceF technology which propels the heli in the air at extreme speeds.


@GetEnveloped @pathwaysbball This bug is still present in county


Imagine flagging my post. It’s pretty sad.


lmao did you really think anyone was gonna fix anything

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Helicopter situation has been alerted / a problem solved. Pilots in ASU know a tactic away on how to lift from the helipad thank you.