Freedom of Information Act


October 20, 2022

Mr. JoshLocke (for himself, Mr. KAREEM2610, Mr. FrostExspresso) introduced the following Act:


To allow access to public information

         Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Firestone in Congress assembled,


    (a) This Act may be cited as the “Freedom of Information Act" or “FOIA”.


    (a) This Bill shall go into effect as an Act of Congress upon the completion of the constitutionally required processes.


    (a) Should any part of this Act be struck down and/or declared unenforceable, then that part shall be severed with the rest remaining in full force and effect unless all is struck down and/or declared unenforceable.


    (a) This Act shall be enforced by the Firestone Courts and the Executive Branch.


    (a) “Entities” as mentioned throughout this act shall be defined as the following:

         (i) The Governor and their own autonomous office;

         (ii) The executive administrations of Stapleton County and any inferior governments, including but not limited to the County Executive and their office, and

         (iii) All departments and academies of the State of Firestone, Stapleton County, and any inferior governments;

         (iv) The Board of Rehabilitation and Employment of Criminals;

         (v) The Board of Legal Examiners and Ethics;

         (vi) The Firestone Election Commission;

         (vii) The Securities Exchange Commission.


    (a) Any citizen may request any information from any entity subject to this Act.

    (b) The term “information” shall also include records.

    (c) Any requests shall be submitted following these guidelines:

         (i) The request shall be sent to a person so delegated by the entity to receive requests or;

         (ii) Using the submission system or form made available by the entity to receive requests, or;

         (iii) If no such person or system is specified, the head of the entity, or

    (d) Any requests shall include the following information:

         (i) The name of the citizen requesting the information

         (ii) A means of contacting the citizen requesting the information which must either be by the use of Discord, ROBLOX Private Messages, or the State of Firestone Forums website.

         (iii) What information is being requested

    (e) Any requests not in accordance with the guidelines in this section is to be considered invalid.


    (a) Relevant entities must provide response to the requesting party following these guidlines:

         (i) A decision or receipt within five (5) days of receiving a valid request, and

         (ii) A decision or late notice within twelve (12) days of receiving a valid request, and

         (iii) a decision within thirty (30) days of receiving a valid request.

    (b) If the requesting party cannot be contacted via the contact information listed on the request within fifteen (15) days the request may be discarded.

    (c) A receipt of information shall include:

         (i) The name of the entity;

         (ii) What information was requested;

         (iii) When the request was received

    (d) A late notice shall include:

         (i) The name of the entity;

         (ii) What information was requested;

         (iii) When the entity expects a decision will be made;

         (iv) The reason for the delay in making a decision

    (e) A decision shall include:

         (i) The name of the entity;

         (ii) What information was requested;

         (iii) All eligible information requested or an avenue to access it;

         (iv) If any information requested is ineligible, a detailed motivation as to why the entity believes that to be the case.


    (a) Information designated by law as publicly available or declassified is always eligible for request.

    (b) The following information is not subject to this act and may not be requested:

         (i) Lawfully classified information;

         (ii) Information that is designated by law as confidential or otherwise exempt from release;

         (iii) Information covered by attorney-client privilege;

         (iv) Information that is not held by the entity;

         (v) Any passphrase, code, invite link or similar, the release of which would defeat its purpose;

    (c) The following information is not eligible if its collection and disclosure would be more likely to be harmful than beneficial, considering the interests of all parties:

         (i) information where its secrecy serves legitimate law enforcement interests

         (ii) Information where its secrecy is required for an active examination or assessment process;

         (iii) Information which if released would defeat a legitimate protocol designed to ensure security or safety or prevent misconduct or crime.


    (a) All relevant entities may maintain a register of all requests received.

    (b) This register may also include any receipts, late notices, and decisions sent by the entity.

    (c) This register if implemented shall be publicly available.

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