FoxyTheWereFox and FinleyFraser12345 for Governor

FoxyTheWereFox and FinleyFraser12345 for Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Governor Candidate: FoxyTheWereFox
Lieutenant Governor Candidate: FinleyFraser12345

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Greetings citizens of Firestone, my name is FoxyTheWereFox and I am running for Governor alongside my Running Mate, FinleyFraser12345.

You can contact both of us on Discord with the following accounts:

  • FoxyTheWereFox 3 is a magic number#0932
  • FinleyFraser12345 FinleyFraser#2113

Table of Contents


Governor Candidate FoxyTheWereFox

FoxyTheWereFox has held multiple positions within Firestone throughout 2021 and 2022. They are as follows:

  • Firestone Department of Commerce: Chief Inspector
  • Firestone National Guard 1st Military Police Battalion: Staff Sergeant
  • Firestone National Guard Training and Doctrine Command: Senior Drill Instructor
  • Firestone Department of Homeland Security: Secret Service Agent
  • Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office: Deputy
  • Stapleton County Fire Department: Fire-Medic
  • Firestone Department of Health: Paramedic
  • Firestone Department of Boating and Waterways: Boating Technician
  • Firestone Department of Public Works: Public Employee
  • Firestone Department of Public Safety: Investigator
  • Firestone Fire Academy: Junior Training Officer
  • Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training: Instructor
  • Redwood City Council: Alderman

FoxyTheWereFox started his adventure in Firestone in 2020 within the private sector starting a business not long after joining and it having mild success before deciding to shut it down due to interests laying elsewhere as he became more involved within Firestone. The first department FoxyTheWereFox joined was the Department of Commerce in the Inspections Office. After 8 months of being an Inspector, he was promoted to Deputy Chief Inspector where he assisted the Chief Inspector in running the Inspections Office and making changes for the better of the department. In March 2022, he was eventually promoted to Chief Inspector after the resignation of Secretary Ryan123Superstar, but shortly left soon after due to differing interests with other members of the department. FoxyTheWereFox is still involved in the private sector to this day with a main focus on Iconic where he is a General Manager and the Head of Operations. He also designed the Iconic Association where he is Chief Financial Officer and assists other businesses with similar goals in becoming more successful in the private sector.

FoxyTheWereFox has had experience in the law enforcement, fire and EMS, and public service sectors, which will be used during his term to help the betterment of Firestone.

You can also find his full resumé here.

Lieutenant Governor Candidate FinleyFraser12345

  • Department of Public Works: Public Employee
  • Bar Certified Attorney
  • Stapleton County: Legislation Review Committee Member
  • City of Redwood: Assistant City Attorney
  • Department of Boating and Waterways: Legal Representative

FinleyFraser12345 started his adventure in Firestone in the middle of 2020. He first joined the Firestone Department of Public Works. A while later, he became a Bar Certified Attorney and currently focuses on practicing law and assisting the private sector.

With FinleyFraser12345’s experience as both a criminal and a legal civilian it provides him with the experience of both of the law to make fair and just decisions for everyone.



We plan on working with the Department of State to develop current relations with foreign states and nations, but to also work on cultivating new relationships between foreign states and nations recognised by FedoraMasterB98, or looking at having new foreign states / nations be recognised.


With the recent changes to the gun mechanics in V2 and the announcement by FedoraMasterB98 that followed, we will be working with the Department of Public Safety to ensure there are not unjust punishments being given to innocent parties due to the fact the department is allowed per Fedlaw.


The private sector has always been an area previous administrations have commented on helping during their campaigns but we believe that with FoxyTheWereFox’s hands-on experience with the private sector as both a business owner and former Department of Commerce board member that there can be assistance provided to assist the private sector in thriving more.


There are not currently any plans for the Judicial Branch this term, but if the Chief Justice or any other member of the judiciary or Bar Certified Attorney would like to contact us of any issues, we would be more than happy to look into them.


While there are no planned changes to the State Cabinet, citizens are welcome to contact FoxyTheWereFox on Discord with any concerns on current Cabinet members that can be investigated upon entry to office.







FoxyTheWereFox and Lieutenant for Governor*

No support




Extremely competent individual! Never had beef with him before, ever!!! He’s also never had any blacklists or DPS cases. He would be very good!!!

EDIT: he also has NEVER leaked classified information. he would never do such a thing!!!


I am SURE the candidates will greatly appreciate your support, being that you’re such close friends and colleagues.


absolutely not :skull:


arent you still a criminal



look i love foxy and fin, regardless of the governor candidate’s former felonious acts, however do i think these people are fit for guvernatoral positions? their answers to my questions will dictate my response

while new state relations aren’t a bad thing, what do you intend to do with these new allies? making allies is one thing but why should we care if its just a name we throw around once in a while?

while i hate this beautiful new fedlaw of group accountability, you respectfully can’t overturn fedlaw. however unjust and extrajudicial that punishment may be, it can’t be changed. how fo you intend to do this?

wow amazing; give me a plan

just saying “im going to support businesses - but not like the other dudes” doesnt give me any confidence in your message. how do you want to help businesses? why do you want to?

section 2: lt govs inexperience

i love finley as a human, however puting my man in charge of the senate would be a stretch. With no legislative experience, how can the public trust that legislation pushed by your administration is well written? how can we trust that the senate will operate appropriately - especially when tbe candidate has no experience in a leading legislative position?

ok thanks bye


never was

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I plan for Firestone to have an active involvement in other states, helping build relations. This can be things from training exercises to livefires (I know these can’t happen in firestone so would have to be done abroad or in a third-party game), etc. This will not only develop better relationships but would also benefit both games from a player base standpoint.

I get it won’t be a thing the average citizen will care about but for those interested it can be a fun experience and will hopefully benefit Firestone.

That’s not how I intended to phrase it if you took it like that; it was more of a discussion of how firearms cases would be dealt with to try and prevent what Fed said is allowed and avoid legal issues. This would most likely have to happen once a case appears though to see the specifics and how to go about it since it’ll be a first.

As you are probably aware, I am best friends with the Commerce administration so I can sit down with them and see if there can be anything done by the executive or seeing if anything can be passed onto the legislature along with speaking to business owners to see how I might be able to assist them with their needs. I will begin these meetings throughout the duration of my campaign and develop it over the next few months. With my experience in Commerce and helping modify inspections process I already have an understanding on the biggest issues businesses face when trying to begin and thrive (such as inactivity, lack of leadership skills developed, etc) so I would look at ways to help combat this, whether it be classes/courses or a form of advice centre.
These are just initial thoughts but obviously once I have more information at my disposal and with the help of advisement I would be able to begin putting these plans into affect.

The private sector has always been my home, from being the first place I started in Firestone to the first department I joined dealing with the private sector, which was my main focus for well over a year, and still being involved into the private sector today.

Finley will be responding on this himself once he’s available.

Thank you and I appreciate your questions/concerns. Obviously you can always ask more here or you can use my DMs which you’re all too familiar with.


Would you intend to replace the Secretary of Commerce, or could you work through your differences?


As I said in the speech, I have no intent on making any changes to the Cabinet and myself and Lego are on better terms than when I resigned from Commerce. My main issue that caused me to leave was never him in the first place.
We do talk most weeks as well so we have communication open which will continue in an official capacity.


Sorry I guess I didn’t read it properly lol


ikr!! : D


I love you too Confussled <3

Anyways as for your concerns I’ll answer each question one by one.

“how can the public trust that legislation pushed by your administration is well written?”
I’m a lawyer, you’ve seen how I act when I read poorly written legislation and how I try to fix it. I would continue to do that and throw a hissy fit everytime something is written with low quality.

" how can we trust that the senate will operate appropriately - especially when tbe candidate has no experience in a leading legislative position?"
I might not have experince within Firestone but I have quite a bit of experince outside of Firestone.


I would recommend continuing Aes’s Firestone Business Funding Committee as it really helps out with businesses that are short on money.


That would be an avenue I would explore and hope to continue. Obviously the funds don’t come from thin air so I would look into a sustainable system of raising the funds to continue it at least for the near future.