Formal Apology from EpicXboxDude

cc: @Automationeer @DonxId @iiVortex_RBLX @ADMIRAL_RICKY @cooldudesub @Tamehkd @FoxyTheWereFox @Eglz

Hello, I am EpicXboxDude and this apology is directed to all those who were/are affected by constant toxic behaviour within the community, I have thought about my actions and decided to take responsibility of it.

I have been a citizen in Firestone for a good amount of time (since 2016) but I have only began getting involved with the community in late 2021, at the end of August I was banned from the main discord due to my unacceptable behaviour towards members, however, after the new years I continued to display bad behaviour continuously in outside firestone discords (stapleton county, fdocm, post)

I simply wanted to establish a solid business within Firestone and be elected into public office as it was an aspiration of mine since I joined in 2016.

I do admit in disrespecting Automationeer as seen in the screenshots in my government bar bill and I do sincerely apology to Automationeer for my actions, these were unprovoked and severely inappropriate. Whether or not she accepts my apology is up to her.

elected into public office

I was elected into the County Council by default in February (i think) despite my toxic campaign. I was quickly kicked out in the result of my government bar passing congress. (barred for 8 months) - regardless of my opinion being that the length is very excessive I do not blame the Firestone congress for passing the bill as I my behaviour was unacceptable.

After my bar I began to care even less about my reputation as I believed I held no purpose in the State, therefore, I continued my toxic behaviour and began committing crime. I do apologise to all affected.

I also do admit in entering the main firestone discord with an alt (znatie0), I did not mean any harm by doing this. I simply just wanted to re-start my reputation and firestone career with a different identity (I thought if I was a girl no one would notice :skull:). This was undoubtedly unacceptable as it was a fast track to a second chance without it being earned as it should have been, however, I assure anyone who cares to know, that this was carried out independently and @Jackfruitism had no knowledge of ‘znatie0’ being my alt. I applied for the position of Deputy Chief of Staff legitimately and got it legitimately. During my short time on my alt without being recognised I applied for the DoBW and planned on joining POST, during my time, I acted in a mature manner and respected my peers in all firestone related discords, but this does not make my government bar breach appropriate.

I am working on altering my attitude/behaviour and eventually I hope to re-join the community in a positive way, if given the possibility.

Thank you, EpicXboxDude.

I want to thank those who stood by me and attempted to help improve me;
@DyingSym @AestheticallyHappy @dannybec @Clonemep



We thank you for your interest. The committee has completed its meetings. After careful consideration with the committee, it is with regret that I inform you we could not accept your apology.

I wish that a different decision had been possible, but I hope that receiving our final decision will be helpful to you as you make your plans.

We very much appreciate your interest, and we hope you will accept the best wishes of the committee for success in all your future endeavors.

Dean of Apologies


I expect a video with tears in my dms and just maybe i’ll forgive ye

But on a serious note, i’m happy you’ve come to your senses and understand however some of those actions are… well… difficult to forgive

I’d be happy to forgive you once you prove yourself to this community (which may be hard to do).

Best of luck
Con :heart:


yeah no

still wouldn’t vote to unbar you lol


:+1: :+1: :+1:

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You really went far as making an alt to own a business……

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My bar restricts me from many things so it was really inevitable

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what did this guy even do to get barred? barring people from owning businesses is way too far concerning all he did in my opinion

looks like all this dude did was be toxic and disrespected auto according to the public apology

this shouldn’t ever constitute a bar, let alone a bar from owning a business, i feel as if bars should only occur in extreme circumstances

this is a moderation issue, not a congress issue, let the moderators give him the punishment for his toxicity.

from what i’ve also read, the bar is permanent, the individuals who were involved in the aigio drama didn’t even get perm bars at all and i believe they did things worse than this guy.

not supporting the dude’s toxicity, but instead of congress doing this, the moderation team should have taken action against him.


this apology left me in tears


it’s not permanent + moderation doesn’t deal with toxicity except for in specific areas it occurs (i.e. main discord, forums)


8 month bar……


thank you for your apology, this is a decent start


the congressional monopoly on bars (especially disproportionate ones like this) is bloody ridiculous


i heard you are unbarred? is that true? if you’re congrats!!

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i think they just removed business restrictions

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bruh… well now we got new people in congress so lets hope they can actually unbar him completely.



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this is the only thing congress has ever done in Firestone that got my attention. barring someone for doing something everyone in Firestone does.

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