Firestone's Legal Community: A Sickness Unto Death

Hello fellow Firestonians. This is going to be a short little thesis I’ve been thinking about for a bit regarding our legal community. For context, “A Sickness Unto Death” was a book by philosopher Søren Kierkegaard which equates despair to a mortal sin: a sickness unto death. For my purposes, I’m defining despair as the inevitable failure of our state’s legal system. Now, I will be upfront, this is gonna be a longwinded, academic shitpost essentially. But I’d like everyone to at least skip to the end where I shall pose a question that needs answered by as many people as possible.

Firestone’s legal system is the backbone to the state despite the game being designed as a Cops & Robbers style experience. The legal system handles expungements (the primary method to remove records by which one can then get into different parts of the larger community), civil litigation off all kinds (civil law is law that regulates the non-criminal interactions of people, without it you could be fired for any reason, jailed for any reason, etc.), punishing extreme criminals (the most controversial function. Ideally only the most annoying or habitually extreme criminals should enter this part of the system, but that doesn’t always happen), and handling the balance of power (if a democratic government exists, a judiciary must exist in it to curb the extent of the discretion the executive and legislative branches have). Without these functions, the actual larger arch of our game doesn’t function. Employers would be tyrants, the other two branches could do whatever they wanted, once you got a record you were screwed, and terrorists and corruptors would be rampant. Few would disagree with the statement that the judiciary is necessary. Yet, it is the most under-appreciated branch, and the smallest. Furthermore, it is dying.

How and Why Did We Get Here?
To begin with how and why we got here, we need to understand the legal community at large. The Firestone Census continually puts the average FS member at around 15 years old. Why is this? The answer is simply game design. The 12-16 age group, at large, loves the advanced cops and robbers style gameplay FS provides by design. However, this age group generally is not conducive to oratory, paperwork-ridden, “boring” legal work. While I can’t be absolutely sure, I would posit that the average lawyer/member of the legal community in FS is 17 or so. And, generally, already interested in law from the start. Furthermore, most of these individuals plan to pursue post-secondary education, some even into graduate or professional degrees (J.D.s, M.D.s, etc.). I myself fall into the latter category, and I know many of the large names in our legal system plan similarly (superchris plans to pursue medicine I believe, and I also believe Skye has something similar goin on, hell Ogax is in law school). This leads to a low return rate in that most members stay for a long time, but have to leave to handle school. Furthermore, they have less of an opportunity to be extremely active due to a harder course load in HS, college, academic extracurriculars, etc. So, by default, the legal community is already smaller, and has less of a chance of retain consistent membership overtime. This is multiplied several times in relation to the judiciary, which comprises the most experienced, veteran lawyers. Every current member of the judiciary has been in the legal community for at least 2 years. FS is only 5 years old. Kerbal and I have been in the legal community since it practically started existing. Lastly, there’s no real incentive to be a lawyer, and certainly not a judge. In regard to the both, it’s really only a status thing. The latter gets paid more in game, but only a civ team, and there’s no real incentive to stay on civ team day in and out. Courts don’t even have a team in v2 (and, frankly, they don’t get anything or have a building, so why bother?).

At the current rate we are going, we will soon reach the point where no one who can be a judge wants to, and we’ll have a very, very small pool of lawyers. This will result in the collapse of passable governance in FS. We cannot sustain at our current rate.

Conclusion and Query
It seems, then, that we must soon endeavor to fix this issue lest it be our demise. Personally, my recommendation would be to give the judiciary some basic in game benefits. A gas RP company gets cars and a building, but an important branch of government gets nothing aside from some pay that ultimately isn’t that helpful (not to disparage Capitol Gas, of course). But beyond that, I have no real solution. So the question I pose, dear readers, is what are we to do?


spent time before commenting (cough phil)
i dont know what to do about the legal community other than (maybe?) loosening some of the paperwork ridden tasks and requirements (idk im not in the legal area of fs nor do i know anything just an idea from me)


I don’t think there’s anything you could probably do, there’s not really any game benefits that would be appropriate


Danny, I’m still surprised you are here, most of the other people that worked with you in the legal community left the state. The job is not rewarding and most of the time you just get hate. tyfys


I personally do sometimes wonder how you can be in Law School and have time for ROBLOX, which already is respectable. I had to take a break for nearly a year to focus on my new job and more…

After all, I still wonder why the court proceedings are not held in-game? That’s basically the only suggestion I have. I do have an interest in the legal community, I don’t trust myself nor do I have the time to even start looking into it.

I understand why one might be concerned that the legal community is slowly dying, but without change, the course won’t take another direction.


scheduling (the legal community are across different timezones and schedules) and time (in-game trials can take 3+ hours, and even straightforward cases can take 1-2 hours)


Honestly, the law community requires more man that’s pretty obvious. However, a lot of individuals wanting to get into it fail at BAR Exam due to lack the experience to complete it successfully. Perhaps DOJ could expand a little bit more on paralegals and jobs that don’t require a BAR Certificate but provide an opportunity for casual citizens to get interested in law. I think Mayflower’s approach to having law school with phases and a BAR Exam at the end is a better solution than a BAR Exam only. You could get a certificate of successfully finishing Legal Academy which would be a ticket to writing the BAR Exam and getting your certification.


Understandable, timezones are always an issue. If there were more people in the community, that wouldn’t be a big problem, but I think the UK & the USA are the most represented countries here.

Then, for example, “smaller” matters like expungements? I’m not talking about IO matters (isn’t it FBI now?) or anything that would take more than half an hour. But obviously, I am just talking from my point of view, which means I have no experience in this, just an opinion. I don’t know how long the average case usually takes.


i love you Danny


expungements are too much to schedule in-game
mass record expungements (where a number of RE’s are heard at once) are said to be inefficient


One guy in Discord suggested lawyers getting pay per case as like a game function, which would be pretty epic. i don’t know how (or if) that could be facilitated, but Imma just @anon54114525 on the off chance it can be

An of course, adding a car and building would help, but that’s a bit bitchy and doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Not that I would refuse a judicial Cadillac or something though :eyes:


This would be great. Payment for lawyers has always been roadblocked by the implication that the client would be paying the fees, but if lawyers could just be paid by the server (like any other employee of the state) on a per-case basis, that’d be amazing. Perhaps a record keeper role could be implemented for lawyers to report their cases to, and then the record keeper could report how many cases each lawyer is due payment on at the end of every payment period (2 weeks? a month?)


yess and then we can hear embezzlement cases


What would really help is a full on integration of the branch in v2, examples like filing cases at a courthouse, checking your records and cases there, judge functions in game. Not expecting it since (apparently) v3 is very close but it’s what some people have been waiting for ages.



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Legal system do a die soon, how fix


first the government will run out of money by the 25th and now the legal community is gonna cease existence soon?

oh lord what is next


Just out of interest, and excuse my general terms since I never remember the program names, but what happened to those ‘trainee’ judges so to speak. Weren’t they like being tested but never actually finished after so many months of being tested?