Firestone's Government Needs To Be Fixed To Support City And County Governments

Firestone’s Federalized Government Is Not Working

What is a federalized government?

A federalized government is a government that divides power between the national government and regional governments (or in firestone, state governments and county/city governments) (AKA in real life, we will take the example of america, a federalized government, where there is a national government where there is executive, legislative, and judicial branches in Washington DC, and how there is regional governments like state governments and local governments)

What Is Wrong With City And County Governments?

City and county governments have little to no power. Their city ornaments are usually useless as they are unable to create laws that work for their cities, because state laws have already created laws for them. This means that if a city or a county needs to create a law that works for them, they can’t because the state law will overrule it, and the city and county government law would be overruled by the Supreme Court.

City and County Governments have a lack of power. Almost every single law that is enforced by officers in the county is a state level charge, NOT a city or county level law. This is because state laws have created all the laws that are useful to the state, and this is a problem as the state laws are prohibiting the county / city governments to be able to create laws that work for them, meaning that if a city government wanted to create a law that works for them, it would most likely be prohitibed for the city government to do so, as there is a state law for it already, and state law’s have supremacy over city/county laws. What is the point of having states create every law? States should not need to make traffic laws in cities and other laws cities should have the jurisdiction to make laws on(such as Brandishing or open carrying)

But if theres no road laws in the state level, then won’t areas outside of city jurisdicton have no road laws?

No, the county government can create road laws for areas without a city (for example, non city locations such as greendale or hillview, or any area or road that is not regulated by a city such as FS HWY 98 can have county laws for road laws)

Additionally, the state can create road laws for any area that is not regulated by a county or city jurisdiction with vehicle laws, (Such as the highway for example, where the state can create road laws that are effective only at the highway)

How Do You Fix Firestone’s Federalized Government?

Reduce power in the state level, in order to increase power in the city and county levels.

This would be done by creating legislation and (maybe) amendments, and additionally modification of laws to give power to the county governments and city governments.

Congress would then, be given the job to create “broad” laws that are effective for the whole state, and let county/city governments do specific laws that work for their said jurisdiction.


*Please understand what federalism is, before commenting on this document


Lol, yes let’s take power away from the current government that works perfectly fine and give it to something that’s useless regardless. Municipalities have no courts nor law enforcement, you could give them the power to illegalize whatever you want, but with only paper to enforce that it’s useless isn’t it? And since the Founders and devs control the groups, you can’t just poof a police department into existence, or a municipal court. The County has no courts either. They have one enforcement agency. Basically, you could give the County gov all the power you want but the only people obligated to enforce that power is the six or so deputies in the server. My point is, the amount of effort and risk to depower the state and impower the lower governments is not only moronic, but useless.

Besides, a string central government is exactly what Firestone needs.


Also by way of the county a sole mayor can make law with very few checks. Now granted the county and state have just about everything covered so there is very little wiggle room for said mayor to “go nuts” (weither good or bad) with enacting laws.


-create a courts for the municipals and county

-allow FSP to enforce municipal and county laws, however only if SCSO is not able to handle it, and if the ordinance from the county or municipal level is important, for example FSP would not handle something like littering, but would handle something such as, say brandishing a firearm (if power was given to the city and county, they would likley handle brandishing for example and open carry laws, instead of the state)

For example, lets say its illegal to brandish a firearm in arbor, but it is legal in prom. a FSP would punish the person in arbor, but not in prom


Not gonna happen


Dude, the LEOs don’t even know state laws you think they’ll learn three sets? It’s also unconstitutional for the County to have FSP enforce their laws.

You can’t establish municipal/county courts because the devs won’t give them database perms lol. So they can sentence all they want, but they can’t enforce those sentences.


ask the devs. if the devs don’t allow it, just have municipal and county say, host a training, get a verdict, and then ask the state courts to place the sentence amount on the person so while the municipal and county gets the sentence amount for a person, the state would help them do it.

also, you can change the constitution, and its their fault if they fail to learn.


Unconstitutional to have the state courts enforce county law. Also, there is three people in this state who can input sentences (the SCJs).


PDP exists


then change the constitution…

theres something called amendments


This requires a full rework of 90% of our laws and a fair portion of the Constitution.

No congressperson would willingly work THIS HARD to get rid of power they already have.

That’s just the facts.


The Constitution will be amended to do this over my dead body.


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