Firestone Voice Meeting Minutes

Voice Meeting Minute

Host: FedoraMasterB98
Time and Date: December 17, 2017 @ 5:00 P PST
Where: Discord, Twitch
Video/Audio of Meeting:


Stapleton County V2

  1. Being released tomorrow.
  2. Specific Time = Unknown, more than likely Fed won’t be online, has police explorer
  3. New police vehicles will be released + lightbar/lightbar settings (full, takedown options etc.)
  4. New vehicles - Ford Explorer(?), Unmarked and Undercover
  5. Corrections - Inmate Uniforms fixed, might also get Ford Explorer (not sure about release)
  6. New Car Scripts - Gears (each gear = 10 mph), certain cars have more gears (chargers = 10 gears, etc)
  7. Radar Guns/Speed Limits?
    • AmericanLaw - Speed law tomorrow confirmed?
  8. To determine speeding, you have to be trailing the vehicle for now
  9. Civilians are able to outrun the police, so officers have to be strategic
  10. New bumpers coming out. (pit manueveur bar etc)
  11. Car Updates = Blinker Sounds, Locking Vehicles, Gas, Park Feature, Hotwiring (coming later on)
    (at this point, fergie spoke!!)
  12. Animations uploaded
  13. Alpha/Beta Perks delayed as data resets are delayed (a week)
    • gives officers to spiffen up on LOVID
  14. Department Interiors - should be done for full release, or added very soon
  15. Jailbreak will be out in the future - its a long process
  16. Trash Trucks - won’t be out for full release, maybe a week? :smiley:
  17. Expansion of Fire System - release in a couple weeks
  18. Boat System - will be fixed, super buggy
  19. SCFD - will get brush trucks at some point
  20. Fishing - won’t be in at full release, at some point will be assigned to a dev

(path takes over at this point)

  1. envelope and path are working on hotwiring

(fed is back)

  1. State Capitol - in order to get inside capitol, it won’t be a separate game anymore. join v2, go to capitol, then get teleported. when exitting, it will go back to v2
    • gives DHS more jobs and responsibility
  2. New Chunk Loader - still work in progress, not a big priority. working on join issues first
  3. Construction Series after release again - more road additions etc.
  4. Straphos is making images for the cars at the dealer.
  5. Alpha and Beta Perks
    • Alpha - 25K Start, Special Car Colors, Certain Vehicle Upgrades, etc. (not all on release)
    • Beta - 5K Start
    • fergie is not sure about those amount
  6. Vehicle Performance Upgrades - via mod shop
  7. Fed is working on LEO gas stations - tonight (free gov’t paid gas)
  8. Gas Cans will be out - not for full release, hopefully soon
  9. Bikes not on full release - looking for someone to script bike physics
  10. Jerry Cans - civs can buy at gas stations, dot has to refuel at gov’t gas stations
  11. Legal Guns Save? - not sure says fergie
    • ammo purchasing
  12. Ford Explorer - may be out tomorrow, 100% this week says fergie
  13. Limo - feature in the future (stretching out a crownvic lul)
  14. Interiors for Ninos may be in

36. nino’s a big joke - fed

  1. DoT would have Plows, not DPW
  2. Vehicle Damage - unknown
  3. Tire Popping is returning! (officer’s pushbars) - can’t pop department vehicles
  4. SWAT - nothing updated

Firestone Forums

  1. We swapped to forums.stateoffirestone due to shutdown of forums
  2. Paid Site - received some external donations
  3. More it’s used, the more we have to pay for it.
  4. We’re trying to keep it active
  5. All laws will be posted here.

Firestone International Airport

  1. Envelope is still working on it
  2. Purchase tickets in v2, use it at airport since cash can’t be synced.
  3. Realistic system in future - baggage system etc. fueling, atc
  4. Airport will have private Fire Department - FFA will be re-opened.

Firestone National Guard Outpost

  1. Raidable
  2. Envelope wanted to script it.

Developer Introductions

  1. colorful_parrots - working on new Judicial Center


  1. Firestone Gubernatorial Elections have been started
  2. Can we get County Executive that’s not bad?


New Courthouse - colorful_parrots

DHS Training Facility - Aviationus

Stapleton County V2



Awesome! Thank you! Very excited!

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dhs training center should be grey tbh

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lol Im dead man sneak dissed the CE

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too bad

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That meeting is lit

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we dont have a CE

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Is there gonna be DHS: NBA its gonna be lit They got a whole ass basketball court

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slick car spawn gui images wonder who did them


you know he means schwenzer

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thanks straph

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i dont see the purpose of having a basketball court in the dhs hq but alright, that looks good anyway

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Love you envedaddy

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hi my dudes this voice meeting was littttttt

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It was was good but you are a year late

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oh sorry

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