Firestone Media Team?

This is an idea that I wanted to explore and get some feedback on.

Essentially, there would be a Firestone Media team. Members would apply/interview (or whatever other steps deemed necessary) and would be selected by the Co-Founders/Founder. These members would have the permissions to represent the State of Firestone on a social media platform (youtube,twitch,etc…) and can utilize any other firestone content on their streams (logos, etc…).

The fact of the matter is that the true eye-capturing content is the criminal side of things. There are some people who have certifications such as a BAR cert or a POST certification (things of that nature) that would realistically be suspended if caught committing crime. So, the idea is that members of the media team would give up their positions within their departments and focus solely on streaming. However, any certifications they currently hold would be valid. Will explain more below.

  • Members of the media team would be permitted to commit crime (basically be a criminal) while operating in the capacity of a media member (i.e doing crime for streaming purposes) and would not have their certifications suspended subsequently.

  • Members of the media team holding certifications would be allowed to operate as certain departments. An example of this would be if a media member has a POST certification, they could then patrol as FSP/SCSO/DHS - following the structures as the first rank (i.e Uniform/Vehicle structure of a Trooper/Deputy). If they held an EMT-P cert, they could operate as a paramedic in SCFD. If they have a FireFighter cert, they could operate as a FireFighter.



I support even though i dont really get involved with firestone much


These “media” members would operate for a movie or some type of film?

These “media” members would represent the State of Firestone on a social media platform (i.e Consistent streamers that stream Firestone content), not some type of movie or film. Rather, a group of people who seek to provide Firestone-based content.

So they’re members of that department and focus on streaming practically?

or they just go on that team and stream content

They aren’t members of any specific department (SCFD,FSP,SCSO,etc…). Rather, they are members of a “Media team” which would ideally be headed by the Founder/Co-Founder and would have the permission to go on certain department teams (SCSO,FSP,SCFD) granted they hold the valid certification to do so (i.e POST cert) in an effort to bring a wider variety of content.

FNN is a “news network within the State of Firestone” which does not prioritize the streaming of game-based content community-wide. Additionally, these members do not have the permissions to be able to join any department team and stream content on behalf of that department, nor can these individuals stream as a criminal (another source of game-based content) as their certifications would be revoked.

Fed would use this group if your idea was implemented.

I don’t believe that’s the case solely for the fact that “Firestone News Network” doesn’t bring to light the true intention/purpose of the group. When you hear “news” you think of “Oh shiyt, this senator just got impeached”. That’s not what we’re going for here, we want to be able to think of “these are streamers who stream criminals getting arrested” (or vice-versa).

So they won’t be familiar with department procedures, attend trainings to practice their proper skills or be very familar with the department itself.

Just a free pass onto a team because you have that certification.

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@Saberathe so its likea big news organization ran byt he founders? if so we already have that…

like, they wont allow ANYONE on department teams. thats called a department member streaming or a ride along streaming, which we could easily implement in FNN. or once again, fnn staff can go on their department and stream. also fyi im 3rd incharge of fnn, so if you have suggestions, you can speak to me or @JakeGames25

tl;dr government employee with special privileges under the title of “media man”

dhs generally doesn’t allow for the sharing of their internal operations, as it compromises security for locations and officials

you can already, we also have a content creator channel in the firestone discord

if they give up their positions, how will they be able to stream them patrolling/being on shift?

couldn’t this all theoretically be done without founding a media team? nothing prohibits (most) department employees from recording/streaming/documenting their patrols and everyday lives in the state.

so in short, this essentially means employees would be exemplified from department policies, laws, government policies, dps policies, etc, all in the name of being able to record and stream? and how will this sit with the people that have to patrol alongside these individuals? wont’ they have to provide them with their departments level of training, as well? won’t that essentially give these “criminals” knowledge of every departments training methods, policies, handbooks, and capabilities?

  • “Use of Media Content as Evidence”

No need by the sounds of it.

Most departments already have their own social media teams. For example, FNG has their own public relations unit pulling the strings regarding media. We’re even slowly posting combat footage once approved.

You lot can settle this yourselves but FNG isn’t interested.

scso already has a public relations team that posts weekly videos on youtube, bi weekly press releases, and monthly events.

not needed.

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I mean, it’s a great idea. But as people have already said, most departments have a Public Relations division that posts on multiple platforms like Twitter and Youtube. There’s also a business called LivePD (not sure if its still active or anything i havent heard much recently) but they have employees from multiple LEO departments, and during their streams you can see the perspective from the LEO.