[Firestone Department of Corrections] Updated Recruitment Guide


What Do We Do?

The Firestone Department of Corrections is the only Corrections Department in the entire state.

The Firestone Department of Corrections is tasked with keeping the people of Firestone safe by keeping criminals locked away. The department deals with inmates - providing them with meal times, yard times and visitation. Along with that, they are tasked with protecting the prison from attacks, by arresting trespassers, etc.

With a state of the art facility to house inmates, we make the experience as realistic as possible, with different protocols, divisions, etc.


The Firestone Department of Corrections has five (5) divisions, with two (2) of them operating at the county, two at the Training Centre and one (1) on Social media, there’s a division for everyone.
The main ones:

S.E.R.T - The Special Emergency Response Team responds to high risk situations such as Break-ins and Break-outs, etc. This division is an invite only division and takes each cadet through a tough training course, in order to ensure that only the best of the best get in

FDOC:MD - The FDOC Marine Division responds to calls on the water, keeping trespassers out of the Corrections Waters. This division requires you to fill out an application and then go through 2 sessions, in order to become certified. CURRENTLY REMOVED FROM V2

FDOC:PR - The Public Relations Division is the division that keeps the public updated on the Firestone Department of Corrections, taking photos of our hard work, along with managing many other aspects.
This division requires you to fill out an application and then a tryout.

Interested in applying? Here is everything you need to know before you apply.


Be a Firestone Citizen
Have a clear record, no misdemeanours/felonies
Have a maximum of 4 Citations
Not be Public Safety Blacklisted
Be POST Certified
Meet Job Law requirements; not being in 2 other secondary department OR not being in another secondary and primary department. Link to the law canbe found here

Meet all of those? Great! You can now apply for the Firestone Department of Corrections. Good luck!

Each application must be read by the HICOMM and voted on. After passing a HICOMM vote, it passes onto the Warden, who runs a Background Check and then approves it or declines it. This process usually takes 72 hours, HOWEVER, if there is a large amount of applications, it may take longer, so please be patient.


Q: The Application Center doesn’t load for me. What should I do? A: DM the warden for a Google Doc version.

Q: I have a record but it’s currently in the process of being expunged, can I still apply? A: Sure! Just be sure to mention that when you fill out the records question.

Q: Is POST a requirement? A: Yes! The Firestone Department of Corrections is a Law Enforcement Department, which means that it requires POST, just like FSP, SCSO or DHS.

This post will be updated if there is an update to ANY of the information above.

Thank you for your time! And if you end up applying, good luck!

Firestone Department of Corrections