Firestone Bound Volume 1



It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the first F.S. report for bound volume 1. This report contains all volume 1 Supreme Court cases that have tangible opinions. This was created as a result of support from the legal community, I do plan to do reports for further and future volumes.

For those who are genuinely confused, this is essentially a collection of all cases during volume 1 into one ‘report’. If you are aware of the real-life U.S. reports, this is basically the Firestone version.

This can be used as a helpful source to find and cite certain cases and their respective opinions. It is important that I note that this report uses a different standard citation. For example, instead of:

1 F.S.C. 5 (2017)

Under this report, it should be cited as:

1 F.S. 5 (2017)

When citing pages, if the page you are citing from is not the first page of the case, you must include the page number following the first page. For instance:

1 F.S. 5, 6 (2017)

Of course, when citing you would also include the name of the case. Under these reports, names may be shortened. For example:

Ex Parte Collins, 1 F.S. 10, 11 (2017)

Remember, you would only use this citation format when citing these reports (unless the Supreme Court adopts this as the standard citation format).

I believe this is a step forward for the Firestone legal community and, frankly, Firestone as a whole. These decisions remain as an important part of our history, therefore, it is equally important to keep these remnants safe and recorded. Ergo why these reports serve a vital purpose.

Link to report:

If you would like a downloadable PDF version, you may direct message me (SerZhukov #5298) on Discord. Questions may also be sent to me at any time.


District Court Judge
State of Firestone

Credit to: 1superchris2 for mutual assistance and review.


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