Firearm License Bill

Firearm License Bill

To work in conjunction with the recently passed “Firearm and Weaponry Management Act” to provide a way for citizens of the State of Firestone to gain a Firearm License.


SECTION 1. The legislation, the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act”, shall be amended.
The “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” can be found here:

SECTION 1A. Section 5 Part B of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be amended to state the following:
“b. Has had absolutely no felony conviction(s) in the last three months.
i. A “felony conviction” being regarded as where a citizen has been sentenced as guilty by a court for a felony charge.”

SECTION 1B. Section 2 of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be amended to state the following:
“The Firestone Firearms Commission shall be established with the responsibility of the distribution of Civilian Firearm Licenses, and review of Law Enforcement Firearm Licenses; led by the Department of Justice and Attorney General, and, only at the request of the Governor, aided by a County Official designated by the County Executive.
a. The Firestone Firearms Commission is not to be a new department or group, it is
simply a supervisory board.
b. The Governor of Firestone may remove, limit, or exclude a County Official
designated by the County Executive from the Firestone Firearms Commission.
c. The Department of Justice shall have superior authority within the Firestone
Firearms Commission over the County Official designated by the County Executive.”

SECTION 1C. Section 5F of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be created and shall state the following:
“The Governor of Firestone may suspend a Government Firearm License or Law Enforcement Firearm License when deemed necessary for no more than seven days, for a plausible reason.
a. The Chief Court Justice may extend a Governor’s suspension period to thirty days.
b. The Governor may request a judge to revoke a Government Firearm License or Law
Enforcement Firearm License of any individual for a plausible reason.
i. This can be appealed.
ii. The Secretary of Homeland Security or the Firestone National Guard Major
General may not grant an individual within their Department another
Government Firearm license, be it has been revoked by a judge.”

SECTION 1D. Section 10 of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be amended to state the following:
“The state legislature may regulate or amend the management and processes of Firearm Licenses through further legislation.”

SECTION 2. The new “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act”, with all amends found in Section 1 of this legislation, shall be:

SECTION 3. There shall be absolutely no other means to acquire a Civilian Firearm License other than the method and process defined later within this legislation.
a. The act of gaining or providing a Civilian Firearm License without following the
process mentioned within this legislation is illegal.

SECTION 4. The “required confirmation, background checks, and full process required by the Firestone Government” as found within Section 5 of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be defined by Section 4A and 4B of this legislation.

SECTION 4A. The requirements of acquiring a Civilian Firearm License within the State of Firestone shall be:
a. To have absolutely no felony convictions in the last three months
b. To be a Citizen of the State of Firestone
c. To not be a member of any criminal organization, as recognized by the Firestone
Courts or state legislature
d. To not have a warrant, as issued by the Firestone Courts
e. To have no warrants issued in the last three months, as issued by the Firestone
f. To not be a notorious criminal, as recognized by the Firestone Courts or state
g. To have a ROBLOX account with an age of at least 120 days

SECTION 4B. A Civilian Firearm License may be acquired through the following process:

A. Filing an application to the Firestone Firearms Commission, answering the
i. What is your ROBLOX username?
ii. Why do you wish to acquire a Civilian Firearm License?
iii. Do you have experience with the usage of Firearms?
iv. Have you ever committed crimes in the past?
v. Do you have any previous felony convictions?

B. Upon submission, the Firestone Firearms Commission must review such application
within three days, or 72 hours. The Firestone Firearms Commission must see if the
applicant meets the following:
a. That the applicant meets all of the requirements stated within Section 3A of
this legislation.
b. That all answers given by the applicant are of the absolute truth.

C. Should the applicant meet all standards within Section 3B Part B, then the
applicant is to be approved by the Firestone Firearms Commission and shall receive
a Civilian Firearm License.

D. All terms and standards within the “Firearm and Weaponry Management Act” apply to
the process of gaining a Civilian Firearm License.


Firearm License Bill (pt. 2)

Firearm License Bill (pt. 2)

SECTION 5. There is to be a trello board showing all individuals that possess a Civilian Firearm License.
a. All applications submitted for a Civilian Firearm License must be kept
confidential. An individual application may be made public if ruled so by a judge.
i. A “judge” is defined by Section 5E of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management
b. This trello board must be accessible to the public.
c. Only members of the Firestone Firearm Commission and Firestone Developers may
become an added “member” of this trello board.

SECTION 6. The Founder, Co-Founder(s), and Developers of Firestone have absolutely no authority to provide or gain Civilian Firearm Licenses on their own, and must ensure that there is no way to obtain a legal firearm without possessing a Civilian Firearm License.
a. Violation of this shall be considered illegal and a high crime.

SECTION 7. Civilian Firearm Licenses are only valid within the State of Firestone. All restrictions, regulations, standards, and requirements set within the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” must be followed.

SECTION 8. This legislation shall be overseen and enforced by the State of Firestone Government.

SECTION 9. This legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 10. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsor:
Senator, Rolerain

Firestone Developer, BreadyToCrumble
Firestone Developer, Zethome
Senator, TommyT222
Senator, Kerberty
Senator, Sir_Mr
Representative, QuickHead555
Representative, OfficerVideoGame
Secretary of Homeland Security, F4C3M4N_ACTUAL
Secretary of Health, Collin816
FSP Lieutenant, Timshep07
FSP Sergeant, SupremeDerker_Shark
FSP Corporal, Skipper50789
FSP Trooper, Stam91
FDHS FPS Officer, M0T1_VAT10N
FDHS FPS Officer, zKiid
FNG Senior Drill Sergeant, DevLtWolfee
SCSO Corporal, Nerf2626
SCSO Deputy, iApxle

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