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hay i’d like to know how you think FBI’s status is, if you could please include the reason why you voted each option as a reply, it would be nice.

  • FBI is great and should stay in FS!
  • FBI has been lacking lately and shouldn’t really stay in FS.
  • FBI needs a change in administration.

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first tact

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ah good, smart senator doesn’t make votes public. good senator.

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The Firestone Bureau of Investigation is a great department that has a big responsibility in the functions of our gov’t. All it needs is just a facelift to the administrative side of things.

State Representative

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FBI is great! Just some FBI agents ruin it. I have stated this before, remove the “bad” FBI agents and FBI will be better such as Deputy Director of the FBI, Mark…


Remove that usless idiot who they call the FBI Dep. Director. Utterly clueless that kid is.

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just fucking remove it, no matter who leads it, its always a fucking shitshow.


I think they just need a change in administration, I personally believe Mark has been using his position for his own personal gain to investigate who he wants i.e Law enforcement.

This is why Congress needs investigative committees back cause there is such bias within the FBI and/or DPS when to comes investigating themselves.

And this screenshot is the one that kinda concerns me the most about FBI.


director - needs to go
deputy director - needs to go

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I think it’s a very useful Department that’s taken the wrong path. First off they have been overstepping in regards to their jurisdiction, investigating people who they are not legally allowed to investigate, or investigating people based on rumors rather than on concrete facts or evidence.

With that said, I believe the FBI’s jurisdiction should be increased if there was a significant change on the Department’s attitude and leadership, being a State Prosecutor myself, I can’t count with my own heads the numbers of times I needed an investigation on a specific case and I couldn’t go to the FBI, because they solely investigate Government Officials.

I believe the FBI could be a very good tool if properly managed, not only for us Prosecutors but for the Department of Justice and the courts.

I’m all for an extend jurisdiction for the FBI, but at the same time there are a few changes that need to be made within the FBI itself if they are going to bare such responsability.

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FBI is such an exciting department with plenty of potential. It is just very easy for it to be led astray and needs a good administration for it to rise back up.

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Stfu monaldo

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